12 Unknown Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

The richest monarch in the world – Queen Elizabeth

England, once the “empire on which the sun never sets”! While in most countries the court dynasty has a symbolic meaning, in England it is a bit different. The king or queen has both symbolic and real authority. – Queen Elizabeth

Until last week, that is, until her death, the person who represents this is Queen Elizabeth II, whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary!

During a trip to Kenya, Elizabeth II received the news that her father had died and that she had succeeded him. The dates show February 6, 1952 when this event took place. In 1953, when she was crowned, she became the leader of the British Royal Family and the queen of the 7 countries under her rule.

The Queen surpassed the records of her grandfather and grandmother and became the longest reigning monarch of Britain and the longest-lasting queen in the world.

The royal family is synonymous with pomp, splendor, luxury and many other words for wealth. Of course, this is the face the world knows them by.

There are also mysterious sides that we do not know. So today, let’s take a look at the many unknowns of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

1. What does it mean for Elizabeth II to hang her purse on her arm?

Yes, do you know how the queen tells her servants that she is bored with someone she is chatting with? By hanging her purse on her arm!

2. The Queen of England’s hair

The Queen of England, who had white hair in her last days, had her hair dyed regularly until 1990.

3. Queen Elizabeth II’s record!

Do you know that she went down in history as the longest reigning monarch in British history?

4. What does Queen Elizabeth II eat for breakfast?

Eating the same thing every day may sound a bit strange, but that’s exactly what the queen does. According to the Independent, the queen eats the following every morning: cereal, oatmeal soup with yogurt, two kinds of marmalade.

5. Sloths gifted to the Queen of England

Yes, Queen Elizabeth has received many strange gifts during her long reign. But none of them were as strange as the sloths she received in Brazil in 1968. According to the official UK website, these sloths are being cared for at the London Zoo, where the queen’s other animals are also kept.

6. The animals Elizabeth II left to London Zoo

Among them are jaguars from Brazil, two black pigs from Canada, two giant tortoises from the Seychelles and an elephant from Cameroon.

7. Elizabeth II is the benefactor of more than 600 foundations and organizations!

According to the official website of the British monarchy, the Queen of England is the most important supporter of more than 600 foundations and organizations. One of the Queen’s most important jobs is to increase the number of volunteers for these organizations through her initiatives.

8. Elizabeth II owns more than 30 corgis!

The Queen met the Welsh corgi dog breed thanks to her father George VI. In 1933, George VI came home with a corgi named Dookie, which was the beginning of the queen’s love for this dog breed. In addition, on her birthday in 1944, the queen was presented with a corgi named Susan. Susan is the ancestor of most of the corgis owned by Elizabeth II.

9. Elizabeth II is up to date with the latest in technology!

For most people, it would be almost impossible for their grandparents to be up to date with the latest technology. But this is not the case for the queen. She sent her first e-mail in 1976 during a visit to a military base, and in 1997 she set up her own official website. She also created an official YouTube channel in 2007 and sent her first tweet in 2014.

10. The richest monarch in the world

The Queen’s fortune adds 56 million dollars every year. The Royal Family of the Netherlands comes in 2nd place, while the Royal Family of Spain’s annual earnings are known to be approximately 11 million dollars. As a result, Queen Elizabeth II ranks 257th on the list of the richest people in the United Kingdom.

11. Elizabeth II was the first to open the doors of Buckingham Palace to the public

In 1993, Queen Elizabeth II broke new ground by opening the doors of Buckingham Palace to the public. According to the statement made by the Independent, the reason why the queen did this was to repair Windsor Palace, which was damaged by fire.

12. Queen Elizabeth II’s strange passion!

Yes, the queen has many possessions. But none of them are as surprising as her fish! Because all the sturgeons, whales and dolphins in the waters surrounding England legally belong to the queen. In addition, the Queen of England owns 5,300 mute swans.

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