20 Important Tips That Helped Me Succeed In My Entrepreneur Journey

No Risk-Free Ride, but How to Succeed as Entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur is, in the most general terms, a person who establishes and manages his/her own business, evaluates opportunities, and takes risks. 

In order for an Entrepreneur to be successful, he/she needs to go through some stages in the process of starting a business. In this article, we will be giving advice on how young entrepreneurs should follow a path in this journey they set out to realize their dreams.

1. Set a Clear Goal! 

First of all, an entrepreneur should determine what he/she wants to do and take steps toward the goal he/she has set. You should clearly define your goal. This is the only way to find out how and how long it will take to reach your goal.

2. Do Detailed Research! 

You need to do good research about the business you want to establish. You should conduct market research according to which sector you will operate in. 

Then you should act according to your market analysis. In this way, there is no question mark in your mind about the business you will establish and you will progress more easily.

3. Be Planned and Organized! 

If you want to be successful in the business you will establish, you must act in a planned manner. If it is not clear what to do and when to do it, you may feel overwhelmed when things accumulate. 

This affects your chances of being successful in your business. Daily, weekly, or even monthly plans that you can make to prevent this situation will make your job much easier.

4. Identify When You Are Most Productive! 

We all have times when we are more productive than normal. The times we mean here are when we can focus better and find simpler solutions. First of all, you should find places and activities that make you feel good. It could be playing sports, listening to music or even taking a walk. In this way, you will not bore yourself and you will solve problems in a shorter time.

5. Identify Your Target Audience! 

It is very important to determine which audience your startup appeals to. Because if you do your marketing efforts for irrelevant groups, you will spend both your time and budget unnecessarily.

6. Build a Good Work Team! 

One of the most important factors affecting the success of your startup is the work team you will establish. 

Each member of the team is like a puzzle piece. Each one has a different skill and task. They come together and complement each other. 

When creating this team, it is very important to find people who can really benefit. Someone you include in the team just because they are your friend may cause you problems in the future. Therefore, you should take care to choose the right people.

At the same time, you should give importance to the thoughts of the team you have established. You should keep them motivated by pointing out their good work. 

With constructive criticism, you can guide them to do their work more accurately. In this way, you will create a more enthusiastic and efficient work team.

7. Determine Your Budget! 

Budget planning is a financial planning process that companies do for their activities toward their goals. The budgeting process, which is very important for companies, is also of great importance for new entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneur candidates should set a budget and proceed accordingly while building their dream business. You can do budget planning with Excel tables. If you want to take it to a more professional level, you can also use software known as budget planning programs.

8. Remember the Importance of Marketing! 

When starting a new business, marketing is very important in terms of reaching the target audience, increasing awareness, and introducing the products or services you want to offer to customers. 

There may also be someone else doing what you want to do. Since this will create a competitive environment, marketing will be the thing that will make the difference at this point. 

That is why you should pay great attention to marketing strategies. You should also take care to build a good marketing team.

9. Be open to innovation and change!

To be a successful entrepreneur, you should always be open to improvement. You must constantly improve yourself. You should also follow the developments in your field and take advantage of the opportunities that arise with changing conditions. In this way, you will not only keep up with the innovations and keep up with your competitors.

10. Don’t be afraid of failure! 

In the process of starting a business, you may encounter some problems. When you learn what to do in the face of these problems, your ability to solve them develops and you gain experience. 

For this reason, instead of focusing on the fact that you may fail in any negativity, it will motivate you more to move forward by thinking that you will gain experience.

11. Don’t Give Up Easily and Be Patient! 

No matter how great your business idea is, it may not achieve great success in the beginning. That’s why you should give your startup some time and don’t give up easily. As we mentioned before, the process of realizing your venture can be a bit challenging. 

You may have to deal with obstacles you have never encountered before. In such cases, you should not give up immediately and look for solutions. If you trust your startup idea, you will overcome obstacles more easily and continue on your way with firm steps.

12. Think Positive! 

From the moment you tell the people around you about the business idea you have found, you will receive various comments about this idea. While there are positive and supportive comments that motivate you, there may also be comments claiming that this idea is absurd and difficult to realize. 

In such cases, you should listen to the comments of your environment up to a point, complete them if you have shortcomings, and continue trying to improve yourself and your business idea in this way. When you encounter negative comments on business ideas that you trust a lot and think you can be really successful I suggest you ignore them.

Because people who want to put stones in your path may come across you not only in the realization of your entrepreneurial ideas but in every aspect and at every stage of your life. 

You should stay away from people who drain your energy and lower your mood and be careful to stay positive in this process. Because in this tiring entrepreneurial adventure, dealing with negative comments from the environment can distract you from your goal. 

It may even cause you to cool off from a great business idea. It will be easier to think positively if you are self-confident and able to stand behind your business idea.

13. Learn from your mistakes! 

 We can make mistakes in our business life as well as in our personal life. Every mistake we make adds something to us. Instead of ignoring our mistakes, taking the lesson we need to learn and moving on allows us to make progress. 

Therefore, figuring out under what circumstances and why you made the mistakes you made and being able to self-criticize will help you improve and prevent you from making the same mistakes over and over again.

14. Develop Your Network! 

The importance given to the development of networking in business life is increasing day by day. Because the established connections allow you to do more work and progress. 

The width of your network is also of great importance in terms of increasing your awareness. To expand your network, you should be willing to meet new people, be comfortable speaking in public, have empathy, and be able to communicate well.

Since bilateral relationships are important in networking, it is also very important to ensure a sense of mutual trust. When both sides have something to gain, a successful and healthy network can be established. Therefore, it is important to be sincere in your relationships.

15. Follow the World! 

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you should not only follow the developments around you but also be aware of what is going on in the world. 

You should also examine the people and businesses in the world that are similar to the work you will do. Thanks to these reviews, you will have an idea about the sector.

16. Set Achievable Goals! 

When setting goals for yourself, you should be aware of your abilities and what you can do and set goals accordingly. Being too dreamy can cause you to consume your energy in vain. 

For this reason, you should adjust the dose of this well and dream dreams that can be realized. Having a realistic attitude will allow you to take logical steps and avoid financial and moral wear and tear. 

In particular, questioning why you have never tried something that has never been tried will help you find out how achievable your goal is.

17. Try to be a Good and Persuasive Narrator! 

It is very important to explain the project you want to realize to people in an effective way. You should explain what you are doing, who you are targeting, and why you are doing it in a way that leaves no question marks in mind. This way, you can attract the attention of other people interested in your startup idea.

18. Take Care to Use Social Media Effectively! 

As you know, the importance of social media in both daily life and business life is increasing day by day. It is very easy to increase the awareness of your business and attract people’s attention with social media. 

Because social media accounts that are managed regularly and with a good management strategy can get a lot of feedback.

To grow your target audience, you should use social media applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. In order to use them effectively, you should post regularly. 

You should be as active as you can on social media and share content according to your target audience. You can attract the attention of companies and brands by opening social media accounts even for your startup which is still in the idea stage.

19. Don’t procrastinate, take action! 

Every young entrepreneur thinks deeply about their startup idea. But because they don’t know where to start, they may not find the time to take action. 

However, thinking about this business idea all the time and not taking a step is also a waste of time. Therefore, when you want to take an initiative, you should also take an action after thinking about it enough.

You cannot know whether it will work or not without putting in the effort, and you cannot get anywhere just by thinking about it. 

A business idea that you are afraid to take a step toward can positively affect the lives of many people along with you. You should gather the necessary motivation as soon as possible and get to work.

20. Really Own Your Idea! 

You should own the business idea you have found and want to realize and make sacrifices for it. Because you cannot advance and succeed in a business that you do not own. 

If you want to be a good entrepreneur, you should know how to make sacrifices when necessary and trust your business idea to the end.

The sacrifices you make for the business you own should not feel like a burden, in fact, they should motivate you even more. 

Therefore, when you feel demotivated or think that you have sacrificed too much, you should remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

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