200 Stories in 365 Days on Medium and How Much Earned, Lessons Learned

Did I Catch My Earn and Follower Targets?

For 4 years, I have had my own blog where I have been sharing about life, business, and leadership and I can say that I have some experience as a part-time blogger for a long time.

But my biggest problem with my own blog; although I have been writing regular articles for a long time, I was not able to attract enough visitor traffic to the website.

I am a person who loves to read a lot, so I have had an unlimited account on Medium for a while in order to be able to read without limits. Around this time last year, as I was going back and forth between articles on Medium, I came across articles about making money online and generating income from Medium.

When I read these articles, I realized that I have been writing regular articles on my own blog for a long time and if I uploaded them to Medium, I would gain a serious readership and start earning an additional income in a short time without any additional effort.

In a short time, I uploaded many articles I wrote on my own blog to Medium and started waiting. The result was not at all what I thought it would be and even after weeks, no one was following me.

As I followed people, some of them started to follow me in return. At that time, I realized that some conditions must be fulfilled in order to generate income.

These are as below.

  • Having 100 followers
  • Shared an article on Medium
  • I had to apply for the Medium Affiliate Program.

I then started researching and reading more on Medium to see how I could move forward quickly in these areas. Personally, I am obsessed with success, and I don’t give up easily. Therefore, by researching a lot of resources and meeting the necessary conditions in a short period of 2–3 days, I received Affiliate approval, and I was ready to make money.

I started to closely analyze almost all the successful and respected authors on Medium. Success, in my opinion, came to me as something that can be brought forward in time with the suggestions of people with experience.

It really happened and in a short time I gained over 2.000 followers, and I was sharing articles regularly. The method I found was something that many successful writers applied but some of them shared.

By publishing a single article in many places, I could earn more than one income. Also, cross-traffic was starting to form between sites.

I started to get serious traffic to my own blog, which I had a traffic problem before. In this way, I managed to get Google AdSense approval. My Google AdSense revenues suddenly started to be the part that provided the most serious income. Medium revenues had become a place that only covered my costs.

As you can see below, the amount I earned on Medium in 1 year was enough to cover the domain name + hosting fee + medium annual membership fees of my own blog.

Screenshot Taken by Author

Yes, Totally I made around 200 USD in one year. As a matter of fact, it is not bad for me to cover all my annual costs and I am absolutely very pleased with the situation it has reached in 1 year.

There is only one thing I can’t understand. That is; I regularly published articles like successful Authors, and I shared 200 articles in 1 year, which is not bad at all, and I made 200 USD for 200 Articles.

Screenshot Taken by Author

It means that each story made just 1 USD. According to statics, I need to publish 1.200 Articles in a year to become a 6,4% writer on Medium who made money of more than 100 USD / Month.

I make 4 figures as a writer and blogger but not on Medium. I can catch these figures including Google AdSense income from My Blog and other platforms like Vocal. Media, Newsbreak.

But as a result; I didn’t have tens of thousands of followers like successful Authors on Medium, and I didn’t earn thousands of dollars every month as they stated.

In my opinion, I was still successful, but I wonder if I missed the train to become a writer on Medium. I still don’t know the answer to this question, and I will continue to post 3–4 articles every week on a regular basis.

Because I’m an employee of One of the Famous and Successful Global Companies as a Global Project Manager, I travel all over the world for free to visit my project and I live my business carrier on the top of my dreams.

So, I’ve limited time, and this is my best version as a writer on Medium and blogger. Let’s wait and see the upcoming years for becoming a full-time writer or continuing to work 9–5.

After all, I can share the same article in more than one place and earn different incomes from different places. I hope to finish my 2nd year with 400 articles this time next year, goodbye.

I make 4 figures as a writer and blogger but not on Medium. I can catch these figures including Google AdSense income and other platforms. If you think my writing story is a success, then just check the below links.

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