5 Inspirational Blog Recommendations for Foreign Language Learners

Have you ever felt alone in the adventure of learning a new language? – Foreign Language

Table of Contents
1. Next Generation Social Travel Platform: TravelinsightpediaWebsite https://www.travelinsightpedia.com/
2. The Cartoon of Language Learning: Itchy FeetWebsite: http://www.itchyfeetcomic.com/
3. A Successful Example of Learning on Your Own — Talk Foreign To MeWebsite: https://talkforeigntome.com/
4. Traveler and Linguist: TravelenguaWebsite: http://www.travelengua.com/
5. One City and 19 Languages: Words and Worlds of New York Website: http://ellenjovin.com/

No matter how much you have all the guidance and expert advice you could ever want, you may need the support of someone who has been through what you are going through.

As language learners, we are human beings first and foremost, and the perspectives of others who have been through the same process are invaluable in motivating us and reminding us that we are not the only ones struggling to learn a foreign language.

When we are learning a foreign language, we can become frustrated and realize our own lack of ability when we can’t figure out how to pronounce a sound or when we encounter obstacles on the way to reaching our goal.

When our progress in the language we are learning doesn’t match the plan we made, we want to give up — but don’t! Many bloggers, just like us, experience problems in learning a foreign language and share their experiences through writing.

There are many blogs on the internet, from language enthusiasts to those who are trying to learn a language, especially where it is spoken. Since it can be quite tiring trying to figure out which blogs to add to your reading list amidst all this digital clutter, here is a useful reading list for you.

Here are 5 blogs on the internet that will speed up your foreign language learning process and remind you that you are not alone in this journey:

1. Next Generation Social Travel Platform: Travelinsightpedia
Website https://www.travelinsightpedia.com/

Travelinsightpedia is described by its founders as the world’s first holistic social travel platform with content, community and a marketplace. With their “Premium User-Generated Content” concept, they offer travel enthusiasts and travellers from all over the world the opportunity to share their experiences in English with thousands of people and stand out. You can find travel content in various categories from art to nature, from food to fun games.

Travelinsightpedia, which allows site members to create their own content in different formats, brings together travel enthusiasts from all over the world and encourages site members to share their own experiences with fun points and a ranking system.

If you want to improve your English writing skills and discover enjoyable travel content from the perspective of travel enthusiasts and travellers from all over the world, Travelinsightpedia is for you.

You can become a member of the site here and read travel content, create your own content and make your language learning even more enjoyable.

2. The Cartoon of Language Learning: Itchy Feet
Website: http://www.itchyfeetcomic.com/

Itchy Feet is popular among language learners on the internet because it’s funny, which is exactly what it’s all about.

Malachi draws cartoons about all kinds of frustrations and difficulties that can happen during the language learning process.

Seeing the linguistic problems we face on a daily basis in cartoon form makes us let go and smile a little bit.

While some of the Itchy Feet cartoons are created for one language in particular, in general, the cartoons are about the universal anxiety and difficulties that language learners face.

For example, one of the most popular posts on the site, “View From The Top”, depicts the common problems we face as language learners trying to navigate the path to fluency.

There is also a very useful random cartoon on the homepage that will make you want to spend the whole afternoon staring at your computer screen and exclaiming “Oh, that’s so true!”.

3. A Successful Example of Learning on Your Own — Talk Foreign To Me
Website: https://talkforeigntome.com/

Ruth, founder of the blog Talk Foreign To Me, grew up in a trilingual family with two different passports, but until her mid-thirties, she preferred to stick to her native English.

Throughout her youth, she lived abroad, tried to learn French and Spanish, and even took a course to gain exposure to Hebrew, but none of it stuck.

Feeling that she was not destined to be proficient in any language, Ruth discovered how to learn languages on her own during a solo trip to Argentina in 2014.

On her blog, Ruth shares her experiences from her language learning process. In this sense, Talk Foreign To Me is a very interesting blog because Ruth inspires her readers by sharing her own experiences of success and failure in language learning.

If you are learning French or Spanish, this blog has tons of useful information tailored to you. But even if you are not learning these languages, you can check out her inspiration tag and get your daily dose of happiness!

4. Traveler and Linguist: Travelengua
Website: http://www.travelengua.com/

Elica is a polyglot who has turned her passion for languages into a profession and shares her life in Trevelengua.

In her blog, she discusses the process of language learning from the perspective of applied linguistics, which is what she was trained in, but there is nothing to be afraid of. He does a good job of putting aside academic jargon and putting science and theory into practice, offering useful advice.

The blog’s most popular posts are those that skillfully combine Elica’s academic perspective with personal insights.

Elica is an expert in his field but not afraid to openly share the details of his relationships and difficulties with languages.

5. One City and 19 Languages: Words and Worlds of New York
 Website: http://ellenjovin.com/

In her blog, Ellen shares her experiences of meeting and learning about the languages and cultures that exist in her city.

While it is a great idea to explore the linguistic and cultural life of a global city like New York, it also serves a practical purpose in terms of how to learn a foreign language where we are without travelling to the far corners of the world.

Ellen also writes reviews of language learning products. If you want to read personal testimonials about learning a new language in your daily life, you can read Ellen’s experiences of meeting people in her city who speak the languages she wants to learn.

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