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Hi There, Let’s start by introducing myself and Become Better – My Blogging and Online Entrepreneurship Blog. The first question is Who I Am,

I’m Gökhan,

Besides my long years of professional business career as a Global Project Manager and Designer for German Based International Company.

I’m also Blogger since 2018. As Blogger, My focus is dedicated to helping people across the globe to unleash their potential and create a life they truly love.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in the 20’s ages. I created lots of online websites and online businesses while studying at University.

Since the middle of 2021, I’ve been writing on Medium as one of the Top Writers on the platform.

I have more than 10,000 monthly views and visits to my online platforms.

As Blogger, I am one of the most active online writers in more than 15 different categories, such as Self-Improvement, Leadership, and Earning Online.

My newsletters are read by more than hundreds of people across the world and contain my best-performing articles, book recommendations, and much more.

If you want to earn online with your content then I can help you to grow your audience and monetize your writing through one of the world’s biggest publishing platforms, Medium or on your blog.

To reach me or ask your question, you may send a message to me via “Contact

Or You may visit my Medium Blog “Here”

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