Amazing Denmark Travel Notes and Guide for First-Time Travelers

I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to visit Denmark 6 times in different seasons and time periods.

Especially on one of my visits I had the opportunity to travel the whole country by car.
In this way, I was able to get right to the heart of the local people and life.

When we think of Denmark, we all think of Vikings. One of the most special moments in my mind was visiting the Viking Ship Museum.
While visiting the museum, you feel like you have traveled back in time to the Middle Ages.

In the museum, you can see the design stages of Viking boats and ships in the workshop and have the opportunity to visit the ships in the sea.

I leave the address of this museum as a note for those who are on their way.
Viking Ship Museum, Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

As I am writing this article right now, believe me, so many memories and beautiful landscapes are coming to my mind’s eye, I want to immortalize as much as I can write today before these memories fly away from my memory with the time that has passed since my travels.

One of the other beautiful memories that comes to my mind is that I went to a special training camp in a hotel in Helsingor for PMP training.
The window of my hotel room was right against the sea and I had the opportunity to live a week against an incredibly clean air and landscape.

I am sharing below a photo I found from my archive that immortalizes that moment.
I had the opportunity to visit the same hotel twice in different time periods for different trainings and exploring the same place twice in a row caused me to see different details each time.

I am immortalizing another beautiful photo below, which is an image of our teamwork with my colleagues from different countries, each one more valuable than the other.

Suddenly I remembered my visit to Odense in the west of Denmark, which I visited in a different time period.
Since everyone usually concentrates on Copenhagen, Odense remains a region that is left to the second plan by foreign tourists.
Frankly speaking, if you have a time constraint, you need to spend at least 1 week to visit Copenhagen and the surrounding cities. Because there are very valuable museums.

I had a special trip where I visited the whole country from village to village. On my trip, we organized a tour to the important livestock dairy facilities in the country. In this way, I was able to enter the deepest points and the heart of the country for 1 week.

For example, I suddenly remembered the local beers available in the restaurants I visited in the towns. They were all delicious and had different flavors. Local beers are incredibly popular, there are so many brands. When you go 50 km to another region, you meet a different brand of beer.

Danish Museum of Science and Technology – This was a museum I visited on my second visit in Helsingor. The inside is incredible and every type of airplane, big and small, is on display. Aviation enthusiasts should definitely visit. I highly recommend it. I am sharing a few shots below to give you an idea of what it is like.

I apologize if I am going too fast, I want to write down everything as I remember and as much as I remember. If you go to a country once, the memories are detailed, long-lasting and immortal in one piece.
But if you visit a country many times, then you have so many fragmented memories that you have a hard time remembering which one you experienced when and how many times you visited.

As I write, I remember and many more things come to my mind.
For example, the Tivoli garden in Copenhagen has always stayed in my mind as a place I have visited many times and could not enter.
Sometimes there are such misfortunes. Either I coincided with the season when it was closed or it was closed when I arrived in Copenhagen late in the evening.

Maybe I will see it on my next visit to Denmark and I will update these notes and add it at the end.
For now, I have jotted down my memories. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
By the way, let me make a few notes for those who will go for the first time.

Copenhagen is a bicycle city just like the Netherlands. When walking on the road, make sure that you are not walking on a bicycle path.
It gets incredibly cold in winter, and there is incredible wind in the parts facing the sea.

Don’t be surprised if you see strollers in front of restaurants, because their parents are eating inside. They are not abandoned children. I was surprised by this tradition, especially on very cold winter days and dark nights when there are rows and rows of strollers in front of the restaurant. It was very different for me to see children in the strollers, their noses red from the cold and their eyes sparkling as they looked at the passers-by.

By the way, you can find souvenirs for yourself and gifts for your loved ones at very reasonable prices at the Souvenir Gift Shop located opposite the Tivoli food hall in Copenhagen.

The beanie, gloves and scarf sets were very nice. My wife and son insisted me to buy them in different colors every time I came to Denmark. Now many Danish souvenirs adorn different parts of our house.

I hope I will have the opportunity to make another trip to Denmark in the near future.
Thank you for reading this far.

Below I am sharing links where you can read some more memories of my different travels. There are at least 10 more countries waiting to be written about and the number is increasing every year.

I am saving my biggest country travel note for last, Germany. Because I regularly go to Germany every 6 weeks (1.5 months) to visit my office and see my colleagues.

I no longer spend my travels in Germany like a tourist, but like someone who lives there. This gives me the opportunity to interpret Germany from a different perspective. After 2 weeks I will be in Germany again. Maybe I will share my notes about Germany one night in a hotel room.

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