Do You Know That What Is Next After

You should take a seat in advance

I am completing my one-year anniversary this month since I started writing on Medium.

During this time, I have published exactly 200 articles.

I still have a lot of experience to gain.

That’s why I follow successful writers on Medium and try to attend the events they organize.

One of the questions I am most curious about is.

Has Medium reached its end?

Does the market need another platform?

Or is Medium still popular?

If there hadn’t been a new CEO change, I would definitely say yes to the above questions.

But if you follow the developments in Medium, many new developments have been made in the last 1 month.

The most important ones are that we can now write on mobile devices.

I also started to receive very different notifications in my e-mail box than before.

I hope more innovations will come soon and Medium will continue to increase its popularity.

I am doing very serious research on how to make money online.

One of the easiest and most consistent methods I have found is definitely online writing and having a blog.

Medium is definitely one of the best places for those who are starting out.

You can also start your own blog and start the process by sharing the same articles in 2 places.

Or you can continue by setting up your own blog after reaching a certain audience on Medium.

Well, let’s come to the question that is the title of our article.

What’s next after Medium?

For those who are curious about the short answer and do not want to read the rest, let me immediately state that there is currently no project that will emerge with similar infrastructure and popularity after Medium.


For many years, web design, SEO, Web Site Rank, Google Adsense, algorithms, etc. As someone who follows the fields and is involved from time to time, I can say the following.

It is not easy to make a website that is as powerful and can get traffic as Medium.

Because Medium itself is a blog site in itself and consists of hundreds of thousands of sub-blogs created by users.

Search engines check a site in this context in an extraordinary way and always display it at the top of the search for many topics with confidence.

Have you ever paid attention?

Do a search on Google on any subject. You will definitely see the name Medium in the first 5 results.

This is not a data collection that can be done in a short time, and it is a situation that can be achieved after having a very long time and a serious resource pool.

Yes, many alternatives are starting to emerge, and experiments are being made.

I have a membership in almost all them and I am experimenting.

The common point I realized after I started using them is that they all need a serious time.

So, leaving Medium would not be a smart choice for now.

I hope the new CEO will make some updates to the earnings policy and make it a platform that supports writers more.

Stay tuned…

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