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Note Taking Method For Meetings

If You Find It Difficult To Take Notes In Presentations Or Meetings, This Article Is For You. (Note Taking Method)

If you find it difficult to take notes in presentations or meetings, this article is for you. (Note Taking Method)

Professor at Cornell University Developed by Walter Pauk, the Cornell Method makes note-taking enjoyable while at the same time making your notes functional.

It is important to take notes and I take notes every time someone speaks to me and says an important topic or talks about an interesting concept.

Otherwise, How could I write you a new concept every day if I didn’t take the right notes and listen?

Although it is mostly used by university students, this method, which is a system that should be integrated into everyone’s life, turns every grade taken into a success story.

Life is a school and there are great lessons in every moment, it is necessary to take notes at every moment.

This note-taking method also saves a lot of time.

Take a paper with a size of a4.

Write the subject and date on the paper, if this is a lecture note you can also write the name of the lecture or if this is a business meeting you can write the name of the project or customer with the purpose of the meeting.

If you do not do this, you will be left with piles of papers that you do not know where and when.

Draw guidelines with your pen on the paper as in the below image.

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You can write down what the speaker or teacher said in the notes section on the right side, which is the largest section.

While taking notes, you should follow the places emphasized by the speaker and take notes, you can also write the parts called “this is very important”.

If you try to write everything down, you may miss important points. To get good grades, you must first listen and understand the other person well.

The aim of the Cornell method is to write down the speeches of the speakers who cannot keep up with the pace in the best way.

New keywords that you learned or heard in that lecture or meeting and that are important should be written on the left side of the paper.

In the summary section at the bottom, a maximum of 3 sentences of what the speaker has said should be written.

I use this method many times a day.

While taking notes on my phone, I take the keywords in a separate place, the notes in a separate place, and finally the summary in a separate place and then put them in their places on my computer in accordance with the Cornell method.

By staying in the active learning circle at any moment, you can improve yourself better and save time.

If you are bored while listening to the lecture or meeting, and even if you are starting to draw pictures on the paper in front of you, you can start using this method immediately.

Thanks to this method, I can always focus on the person in front of me, it is no longer boring to listen because I know what I want from them.