Earn Money With Blogging , I Do So You Should Do Same

Making Your Money Even While You Sleep – Earn Money With Blogging

Earn Money With Blogging – This process, which started as a hobby for me, gradually turned into an additional job.

Even though it can’t convince me to quit my main job, the additional income motivates me.

The fact that people read and benefit from my articles is another source of happiness that makes me happy.

While income concerns are the second target to me, blogging creates full-time jobs for thousands of people a month around the world.

In this article, I will try to give you information on how to start a blog and how to make money online.

Our main titles are as follows;

Hosting and website creation

Write a blog post

SEO settings that provide free visitors

Make money from your blog

I am neither a blogger guru nor an expert in this business.

I am writing these articles as someone who has experienced blogging and thinks they are successful.

I hope it will be useful to you too.

What Is A Blog?

We can define websites where people share their knowledge, experiences, thoughts, criticisms, ideas or what they see and hear on the internet, as a blog.

It is an abbreviation of the English phrase “web log”.

Blogging or building a website is a real source of passive income.

Ever since I started writing blog posts regularly in 2018, I have discovered that blogging is a real source of passive income.

You put a lot of effort into the site you set up on the Internet once.

Then it starts making you money even while you sleep.

As the content increases and time passes, the money earned increases.

All you have to do is enter and update your old articles once a year.

If you want to start this blog writing adventure. The first thing you need to do is get hosting.

How to Get Hosting?

I started this business with the hosting I bought in 2018.

Since the hosting I bought gives me the right to open an unlimited number of websites, I have opened many blogs and websites since then.

In short, this is how my blogging journey started in 2018.

Now I wish I had started earlier.

How Do Blog Sites Make Money?

Blogging sites usually make money from three main sources.

These are advertising revenues, affiliate commissions, and revenue from the services provided by the blog.

Ads revenue is the ads posted on your site.

It is usually measured by the money you earn per 1000 page reads.

People think that ad revenue is related to the topic of the blog, but this is not entirely correct.

Ads are shown for your visiting history in your web browser.

Advertising revenues are also related to which country readers use the internet, the quality of your blog, how long your visitors stay on your blog and the advertising agency you use.

Affiliate marketing is about the links you put on your blog.

For example, if I were referred you to a hosting company above, and you click on the link to get hosting.

You would get a discount, and they would give me a commission for sending him a client.

How Much Does A Blog Site Earn?

An English-language blog read by American readers earns between $20 and $80 per 1000 visitors.

In other words, a foreign blog read by 50,000 people a month earns between 1000 and 4000 USD.

These numbers are average figures and are the average of the advertising, sales and other income you can earn from the blog.

Are Blogs Really Necessary?

The difference between blogs and other websites is that they are personal.

Blogs don’t just convey pure information, they convey the author’s experience.

This human factor and the personality of the articles set blogs apart from other websites.

For example, when we go on a trip, we know which country or city we are going to, but websites that contain information (like Wikipedia) do not give us the information we want.

What we want is not the population or economic situation of that city.

What we want to learn is to about the experiences of someone who made that trip.

We want to know where to eat and where to stay.

We also want to know the tips that the locals know, but the tourists don’t.

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