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How I Earned 85$ Bonus on Vocal.Media with My Medium Articles

I just copied and pasted my old Medium articles to earn bonuses (Vocal.Media)

There are many websites on the Internet where you can earn income by writing articles and articles.(Vocal.Media)

Indisputably, comes first among these sites.

I see as the YouTube of authorship.

You can earn money on TikTok and Youtube, but if what you write on Medium does not attract people, you can neither earn followers nor money.

Since starting my writing journey around 5 months, I’ve been trying many platforms to find the best one. Actually besides my own blog, Medium is my 2. best platform to share my content.

I know getting an audience is important for most of us but earning good money is would be better besides getting claps.

Actually Vocal.Media is a good platform to earn some money without any effort for Medium’s writers.

Because you can share your Medium’s articles over there as well. I only add a note to the end of the article as “this article was originally published on Medium or My Blog.

I’ve copied my 20 old shared articles from Medium to Vocal.Media.

And Editors of have published them without a problem.

Here below you can see my earn from articles including bonuses.

Vocal.Media Earnings
screenshot by author

Actually, It is not bad to earn without effort and spending extra time to write new content.

First of all, Let me explain and give more information about Vocal.Media below.

What is Vocal.Media? is a platform to support, discover and reward creators.

Vocal provides storytelling tools and relevant communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and creators of all kinds to discover and fund their creativity.

Vocal was designed to broaden the audience for content distribution and advance writers’ efforts to monetize their content through a variety of features.

Sites pay you based on the number of times your articles are read.

If we compare Medium with Vocal.Media, Medium definitely pays more per reading.

But has an additional bonus payment system that is not available on other platforms.

For example, he gave me 3 months of Vocal+ membership as a bonus. He gave me a +5$ and +10$ bonus in my 5th and 10th articles on it.

Many authors note that these bonuses are repeated in numbers such as 5, 10, 20, and 50.

I’ve already 150 articles on my blog and Medium and it means my strorage is good enough to earn 20$ and 50$ bonuses as well.

I’m going to continue to earn all other bonuses as well. is a good alternative, but strategically I just use it to earn bonuses with my old content.

As for the reason, this is a matter of detail and let me explain briefly with summary information.

If you use the same article on more than one site, Google will perceive the website you published the first content on as the owner and will not rank other sites in search engines.

In addition, if you apply for Google Adsense on these sites, you will definitely be rejected. Because google automatically sees these sites as low-level websites using duplicate articles.

There is a way to prevent this. 

Medium, infrastructure allows doing this directly.

For example, Articles that I wrote in my Blog are seen as the first published original source.

Because when I upload an article to Medium, I declare where the original link of the article is and that it was originally published on another site.


When Google is crawling, it hits Medium, and when it comes to my post, Medium informs Google that this article was originally published on another site. In this way, I store all my original content on my own website.

In addition, when I apply through Google Adsense, my personal blog is not seen as a site that produces citations and duplicate content.