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How I Got Google Adsense Approval With Free Blogger Site? 

Google Adsense is brilliant to earn money from your blog. The Annual Cost of Creating a Blog Site You Can Monetize is Only 5$ for Domain Price

Google Adsense is key to success for bloggers. The lessons and experiences I have learned in the process are a complete guide for those who need it.

I have now discovered ways to get Google Adsense approval in a very short time.

I have been trying for exactly 1.5 years without giving up. Finally, I got Google Adsense approval today for my website using free hosting (blogger) infrastructure.

In order to write this article, I have applied for Google Adsense about 15–20 times since 13 April 2022 (for 1.5 years) and received regular rejections.

In order to realize the project in my mind, I registered the domain name “” (This is my native language and Turkish, it is in English as “earnmoneywriting”) on 13 April 2022 by paying 5$.

After buying the domain name, I had two alternatives for the hosting infrastructure.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

I will go into these details in detail in a moment, but first I need to share some important points that you should definitely know about the process.

Those who apply to Google Adsense know it well.

After a while, after making a Google Adsense application, you will receive an e-mail sent by Google as positive or negative.

This sometimes takes 2 days and sometimes 2–3 weeks.

If you receive approval, the process is complete and you will automatically start to see adverts on your website, where you earn money per click and view. (“Auto Ads” option must be selected on the Google Adsense admin screen for the ads to appear automatically on your site).

In the process, if you receive an e-mail that your Google Adsense application has been rejected, then the situation is grave.

Because Google Adsense does not explain to you clearly what the problem is.

It suggests some links that you can visit to review the terms and conditions of the application.

If you enter these links, you will get lost in dozens of pages and eventually you will have to find a solution on your own.

If I remember correctly, I first applied to Google Adsense for my first websites in the early 2000s, when I was in an English preparation class at the University, to generate advertising revenue.

Even before Facebook was still unknown or non-existent in Turkey, I had set up a website called

The purpose of the site was to establish a site where my University students could share course notes, laboratory lecture videos, exam questions, etc. with each other.

In addition, the aim was to create a nice website where both class and activity communities could be opened.

Later, during my university years, as I ended many projects, I closed this one because I found the domain name and hosting costs too much.

In addition to the costs, I think it lies in my young age of 19–20, being a fast consumer, and trying to run multiple projects at the same time.

Later, during my university years, I bought many Turkish and English domain names.

These projects deserve a long article as the failure stories of my online entrepreneurship, which I started at a young age and taught me a lot.

At that time, I remember very well, that I would apply to Google Adsense after sharing only 10–15 articles and content on my websites and I would get direct approval within a few days.

Of course, in the intervening time, the rules for the use of cookies used by Google for advertisements, the notification of the data that visitors will provide when they visit the site and obtaining approval, etc. many conditions began to come.

These added conditions made Google Adsense approval processes increasingly difficult.

Over the years, my rejection and approval times for each Google Adsense application I made started to get longer and longer.

For example, I think 4–5 years ago, it took about 3–4 months to get Google Adsense approval for my blog.

In the content of my blog, I was able to get Google Adsense approval after writing about 100 quality articles and achieving an average of 800–1000 unique visitors per day.

I still use WordPress infrastructure for my English blog. WordPress obviously provides facilities such as installing a plugin that runs in the background to get Google Adsense approval quickly and correctly.

In addition, WordPress-based sites are loved by the Google search engine and are often highlighted. This was one of the main reasons why I chose WordPress at that time.

Of course, these professional advantages of WordPress also come at a price.

The annual cost of the WordPress infrastructure, the Business package, together with the domain name annual fee, is around $50–60.

If you are thinking of just starting, maybe this figure may seem high to you at first, but there have been many months when this English blog brought $300 in Google Adsense advertising revenue in a month.

If you want to read how I did it, I share the link to my related article below.

If you have no time limit or pressure when opening a blog or website and want to start with a low budget. Then, let’s take a detailed look at how I got Google Adsense approval for my site with Turkish content, using the free Blogger infrastructure, which I mentioned in my subject title.

In order to realize the project in my mind, I registered the domain name on 13 April 2022 by paying $5.

After buying the domain name, I had two alternatives for the hosting infrastructure.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

There are free versions of both, but if you use the free versions, you will encounter many disadvantages that are out of your blog or web control and unprofessional.

I have not used Blogger infrastructure before and after doing some research, I decided to take a big risk and publish this project, which is important to me and which I am sure will attract high visits, under Blogger free hosting.

The purpose of choosing this difficult path, just like the purpose of the establishment of my another Medium Turkish page, was to be a guide for new people who want to become a Blogger from scratch or to make money by writing online articles.

I wanted to present the facts with evidence instead of selling dreams like others.

The way I could explain this in the most accurate way was to share the methods that I personally tried and succeeded.

I paid a fee of 5$ at that time to buy the domain name.

Then I opened a blog called for free on Blogger and linked my domain name here.

If you want a detailed article about how to set up a blog site for free from scratch with Blogger.

Please specify in the comments and if there is enough demand, I will prepare a detailed article under the title “How to set up a website with free hosting using Blogger?” in the coming days.

After registering the domain name, I think I set up the site in 5 minutes and published it to the whole world.

I had dozens of ready-made articles that I had accumulated from my other blogs. I started to upload them to the site by making only translations.

The only thing I wondered at that moment was how long it would take to get Google Adsense approval. In my last application, in my English content blog where I used WordPress, this process took 5–6 months.

The reason it took so long was that it took some time to create enough content.

But for, I had no problem with producing such content and by the end of the 1st month, I had already published 50–60 articles.

On the other hand, to be honest, since the site didn’t cost much, I wasn’t in a hurry to get Google Adsense approval immediately. Because it took me only 10 minutes to set up and publish the site and it cost only 5$.

If this project failed, the only thing I would lose would be the time I spent, because the project was very strong and I was very confident that it would attract visitors.

Having failed 10–15 internet startups and blog/website projects before, I can now predict whether a project will work at the idea stage or not.

After 1 month, the number of visits I saw on the site, the questions, and the comments on the contact form did not surprise me and my project was clearly successful.

The project idea is very good, the investment and execution cost is very low (5$ in the first year and 9$ in the 2nd year), the number of visits is high and constantly increasing, the interaction with the visitor is super, and serious questions are asked and comments are made, and it is in the top 3 in many topics in search engines.

In a short time, after publishing the site, all the conditions I wanted were fulfilled.

But how will this site generate income?

As of now, the easiest and most regular source of income is Google Adsense adverts. I started to apply to Google Adsense regularly every month and I was constantly getting rejections.

At first, I applied 2 times a month. Then I got so many consecutive rejections that it started to put a minimum of 2–3 weeks between two applications.

Without giving up, I was uploading my articles to the site and continuing to interact with visitors.

Because there was only one thing I believed in the process, sooner or later I would and should get Google Adsense approval.

This was the main theme of the blog, which I was trying to get ad approval, and wanted to show to its visitors.

My blog was based on making money by writing online to visitors, being a blogger, making money by writing on Medium and earning advertising revenue with Google Adsense.

I had achieved success in Medium both in Turkish and English pages and I was conveying all my experiences as a guide in the same blog with all the details of my success secrets and suggestions, but there was only one missing point.

That is, if I cannot get approval from Google Adsense and if I cannot personally experience and write the cheapest and simplest way for those who want to start this business, no matter how high the visit rates of the site. After a while, it would be worthless to me and I would probably stop spending my time writing on the site.

As a result, I can proudly say that I received the reward for all my efforts, such as the hours spent tirelessly, answering the questions from every user on the same day without expecting anything in return, exactly 1.5 years later today.

The cover photo of the article is a screenshot of the original confirmation mail sent from Google Adsense.

Believe me, after experiencing this, I will probably start producing a lot of these projects that cost me 195₺ per year.

All I need is huge patience and time management.

The cost is 9$ in figures that can easily amortize its annual cost in a month.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions and all the problems you are stuck in this journey.

As a continuation of this article, “How to Get a Domain Name Step by Step”, “Blogger — How to Set Up and Publish a Site for Free with Blogspot.” Finally, a detailed article explaining all the stages of “How to Apply for Google Adsense” will be coming soon.

Stay tuned.