How One of My Articles Became #1 in Google Trends

It Still Ranks 1st Line In Google Search Before YouTube results.

If you are one of my 5K followers on Medium who read my articles, you have witnessed that I write articles on very different topics from time to time.

There were times when some of my articles performed amazingly. But there is one of them that has shown an incredible performance in terms of readership rates both on Medium and on my own blog.

Although I have been writing articles on various websites or blogs for about 5 years, I have started to receive more notifications and warning messages about an article I have written in the last few months than I have ever received from Google Analytics before.

Would you believe that an article I wrote started to get unique and organic readings of 3K-5K per day in my blog?

Suddenly, notifications started coming from Google Analytics as follows.

“One of your articles may have entered Google Trends”

“One of your articles started to get incredibly high traffic rates” 

“Your website broke the visitor record today”

All the above notifications were sent by Google, Can you believe that? I was incredibly excited and started to follow with curiosity about how long it would last. It progressed this way for about 4 weeks. But today I wanted to see where the article I wrote came out by trying a search on Google.The result was incredible, no matter how I wrote the article, no matter how I wrote the keywords, Google always put my article in the first line.The keywords were these and they were popular enough that maybe 10s of thousands of people would search for them every day.

“Tesla time travel” 

“Tesla time machine”

After being in Google Trends for weeks, Google had now ranked my article to rank the first line for the most popular keywords about Nikola Tesla.Below I would like to share with you screenshots of the results I got in Google searches for two searches.

Search results for “tesla time machine” is below

google search results
Source: Screenshot by Author on Google Search Results

Search results for “tesla time travel” is below

google search results
Source: Screenshot by Author on Google Search Results

It’s an amazing feeling to be ranked number 1 of 169,000,000 results on Google.It motivates you and encourages you to write more.

The results I have seen clearly show me where you can get to by starting to write from scratch.

If you wonder and would like to read the article, I am sharing it below.Did Nikola Tesla Time Travel?
Science without religion is lame, religion without science is

Of course, I think that the success of this article is also due to the fact that it was published in Illumination PUB on MediumOtherwise, it is unlikely that it would have received so much readership and popularity. For this, I would also like to thank the founder Dr Mehmet Yildiz, and all the valuable editors for their efforts.


I would like to complete a small closing sentence for friends who are just starting to write and blogging.Until a few years ago, writing and publishing anything would not even cross my mind. Then I started writing regularly and started to be incredibly motivated. I continued to write regularly in many places. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write. It became my biggest motivation.If you are thinking of writing, don’t delay and start writing without waiting to be perfect right away.Believe me, after you see that you earn your first $ 20 from the internet by writing, your life and all your plans will suddenly change and you will start an incredible journey.

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