How To Earn Money On Medium

How much did I earn last month during December in my serious publishing period on the medium? (Money On Medium)

The amount may seem small for most of you but earnings are just numbers to see results. The important thing is the look into graph details within growing differences between months.

As much as I would love for this not to be the case, not everything we publish remains evergreen indefinitely.
Regardless of your niche, there are always new developments, new ideas, new things to write about, and also new things that relate back to your older content.

The simple fact is that no one can predict the future. So even if you think that the piece you’ve written will remain timeless due to the topic matter it touches on, this is only a wish and you can never be certain.

For that reason, doing regular content audits is a great idea, especially if you’ve had your articles or blog online for more than 12 months — perhaps not the thing to worry about if you’re just learning how to start a write or blogging for the first time, but still worth keeping in mind.

The goal of a content audit is simple: check which of your posts are still relevant, which need updating, which can be removed entirely, which can be consolidated.

I’ve earned 6.21$ in December 2021 and 0.18$ in November.

It means that around x35 more earnings increased between two months.

Can you imagine that to catch the same growing next months?

Yes, It’s not possible and numbers will be decreased next month.

I set some goals at the beginning of my writing journey in the Medium as sharing at least one article each day.

Almost I did and I’ve published more than 20 articles in each past month.

This is not easy to share this kind of amount of articles regularly.

Yes, I have a lot of books with notes in my library to share and use my articles. I can publish 1000 articles in a year if I find the time. It’s not a big deal for me.

The problem is that I remember the cover of hundreds of books. I have been reading a lot of books to take those notes with underlines.

I can’t check the value of that information with this kind of small amount of money and payments.

Money shouldn’t be your first motivation while writing and publishing.

My first motivation is collecting my articles regularly. I’m sharing my knowledge and experiences with those who need them.

Because, I remember that in the earlier ages of my life, I couldn’t find my needs for Business and Life.

My suggestion for newbies is that If you want to focus only on making good money in a short time. It’s not easy and this goal causes you to stop you 1 or 2 months later like most writers in medium.

I set my goal for a long period as yearly and I’ll focus to grow my audience and gain 10.000 Followers by end of 2024.