How To Earn With E-Mail Marketing ( Brilliant Tricks )

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The starting point of this success is hidden in your data (E-Mail Marketing)

Reaching the true potential of E-mail Marketing is essential for you and your company.

The starting point of this success is hidden in your data.

Take a look at the list of email marketing techniques I’ve put together for you, which includes the key elements you should measure to increase your return on investment.

Reaching the true potential of email marketing is essential for your company. The starting point of this success is hidden in your data. Take a look at the list of email marketing techniques we’ve put together for you, which includes the key elements you need to measure to increase your return on investment.

1. Email List Growth Rate

Without healthy, growing email lists, the benefits you gain today may not be sustainable.

That’s why it’s important to focus on growing your list.

2. Unique Click-through Rates

Many people may open your email multiple times, which gives an unrealistic view of your email click-through rates.

Therefore, the unique open / click rate more realistically refers to the number of subscribers who open or click on your email.

This number is usually shown as a percentage of the total number of people you’ve sent your email to.

3. Clickthrough Rate

Understanding the clickthrough rate in email marketing also helps you determine the relevance of email content to users and whether your content needs optimization.

✅ How Can You Increase Your Click-through Rate?

Keep emails short.
Be clear with your goal.
Include the same URL link multiple times.
Focus on your call to action.

4. Unsubscribe Rate

By measuring the unsubscribe rate, you can tell if your emails are meeting the expectations of your target audience.

To calculate the unsubscribe rate:

(Total unsubscribes divided by total emails sent) x 100

5. Heatmap Monitoring

✅ Wondering which links in your emails are the most popular?

✅ Does the viewer only click on the top links?

✅ Are your calls-to-action performing as well as possible?

Understanding the answers to these allows you to determine where you can optimize and test.

6. Delivery Rate

Email delivery success is one of the most important elements of your email strategy. 

If your emails are not being delivered, your work will be wasted. The delivery rate shows the comparison of emails delivered to you versus emails sent.

7. Returned Email Rate

Your bounce rate is an indicator of a healthy list.

The higher this ratio, the more the ISP will identify you as a weak sender, causing more of your emails to end up in the junk folder.

8. Complaint Rate

The complaint rate is the number of people who hit the SPAM button or junk your email.

Even a very small number of recipients who do so can affect the sender’s reputation.

9. Landing Page Visit Rate

Post-click metric tracking is essential to measure the true success of your campaign.

The bounce rate shows the percentage of users who leave your site after only visiting a page.

If this rate is high, you may find that your audience doesn’t want to take action.

10. Conversion Rate

Emails are very responsive. High clicks, and low conversions; mean you have a potential problem with your landing page.

Low clicks, a high conversion rate; indicate a problem with your data, message or offer.

✅ How Can You Increase Your Conversion Rate?

Produce attention-grabbing content.
Segment your list.
Prepare a suitable design.

11. ROI (Return on Investment)

Email marketing produces some of the highest returns on investment.

It has a low cost to market and is fairly easy to set up.

Measuring ROI allows you to prove the value of your email activity.

If you want to show ROI as a percentage:

Total revenue — Total investment cost (Technology and Time Spent) / total investment cost x 100.

Email marketing, like any other channel, offers much more than sales.

It allows you to present your brand story, engage customers and mobilize buyers for your next action.

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