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How to Work Less and Be More Productive

Welcome to the world of workaholics who spend their entire lives working – Be More Productive

If you interrupt your work from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you go to bed at night just to meet your basic needs if the word vacation means nothing to you if you have almost forgotten the faces of your loved ones. – Be More Productive

We hope that very soon, you will step into the world of those who work less and are more productive, and achieve the work-life of your dreams. Yes, you heard that right. 

Our last sentence may sound a bit like a dream. But before you jump to conclusions, let us show you how you can be more productive by working less.

First of all, Have Goals

No matter what sector you work in, always set your goals in advance. As long as you try to get to work without having any goals, you will be working in vain. Pay attention to what are the critical activities in your goals and prioritize them in your work.

Pay Attention to Your Vehicle Usage

Let all the tools you use in your work be effective in getting you results. From the chair you sit into the computer you use, everything is a tool for you. 

If you use the tools correctly, you won’t be pedalling where you are.

Incorporate the Word No into Your Life

In fact, ‘no’ is a word that should be used in all areas of life. In business life, say no to external factors that will negatively affect your work, to requests and pressures that will disregard your work. 

Show those around you that your time is valuable.

Be Efficient Instead of Perfect

You may be working day and night to be perfect, but what does “perfect” even mean? Think about this first. If you are perfect in your work life, but your family life and social circle are in decline, it doesn’t mean you are perfect.

 Instead of working hard and being perfect, try working less and being productive.

Apply the Pomodoro Technique

With the Pomodoro technique, which allows you to use and manage time in a smart way, it is possible to work less and be productive at the same time! All you need for the Pomodoro technique, which means tomato in Italian, is to set an alarm. 

This technique, which is applied by working for 25 minutes and taking a 5-minute break, is repeated 4 times. At the end of this system, which takes a total of 2 hours with breaks, you take a break for 20–25 minutes. It’s that simple! 

You can achieve effective results by doing 5–6 Pomodoros a day in your work life. Believe me, at the end of the day, you will not realize whether you are working or not.

Don’t Focus on Multiple Tasks at the Same Time

You may want to finish your day quickly, but if you try to do more than one thing at the same time, you will suffer. Do not move on to a new task until you have finished the task at hand. Doing things at the same time will always give you incomplete results.

Rank your tasks in order of importance

Get your time management right. At the start of the day, know which tasks you need to complete first that day. Take action by organizing your tasks in order of arrival, projects, deadlines and demands.

Make Time for You and Your Family When You Return Home

Do not bring work home as much as possible. Stay home alone with yourself and your loved ones. Take some time for yourself. And don’t start housework as soon as you get home. Remember, there is only one of you and you should take good care of it.

Reduce Unproductive Time

Pay attention to how you usually spend your time. Tending to your phone, and aimlessly scrolling through social media takes up a lot of your time, even if you don’t realize it. Instead of doing these things, focus completely on your work.

Take a break if there is a problem you cannot solve

If you’ve been working on something for a few hours and still haven’t gotten the result you want, put it aside for the next day. The next day you can look at the issue from a much different perspective, see what you didn’t see, and find a solution much faster and more efficiently.

Get to Know Yourself

Everyone knows at which times of the day they are more productive. Weigh yourself, get to know yourself and work on the right topics at the right time. If you usually feel low on energy in the afternoon, do the work that will tire your mind in the morning.

Make the Most of the Weekend

This is your private time. Do whatever you feel like doing at the weekend. Spend time with your loved ones, and engage in social activities. Spend two days completely unplugged from work and start the week with a clear mind.

Make a Short Plan on Sunday Night

Now that you’ve had a good weekend, you can start planning the new week on Sunday night. Thanks to this short process that will take you half an hour at most, you will not waste the most productive minutes of your day at the beginning of the week.