I’ve Found The Success Secrets Of Top Writers on Medium

Top Writers on Medium – Grow Fast and Earn More on Medium

Top Writers on Medium – I couldn’t stop myself to write an E-Book until gaining 10K Followers like what Top Writers do

Today, I’ve been almost finished 4 months of my medium writing journey.

I have more than 1700 followers, 105 Published stories and Still, I’m not sure this is a success or not for this time period.

Personally, I’m an addicted person for personal development as obsessively.

At the beginning of my Medium Writing journey, I focused on only sharing my knowledge about business and life experiences with those who need as younger than me or fewer experiences about them.

During this time, I’ve realized that If you focus on the quality of your articles, They will get more audience and always focus on quality than quantity.

Earning on Medium is one of the easiest ways than doing any business in life.

This is unbelievable Because You just need a Laptop and the Internet.

To learn key points of Top Writers, I’ve started to study most of the top writers on Medium. I can honestly say that I’ve watched most of their videos on the Web and read most popular articles on Medium.

Most writers are also active on other platforms. They write on a minimum of three platforms or more.

Actually, I was thinking of experiences in my life that each success needs to be different from the other. But on Medium, This is a little bit different from other business successes against what I saw during my carrier.

Because Most of the Top writers on Medium have similar behaviours and business plans.

So I’m going to share with you my determinations and similar points about Top Writers on Medium.

I’ve subscribed to more than 20 Top Writers E-Mailing lists and the base of their tips are almost the same.

Besides earning on Medium, They are focusing to sell their courses or training to new writers.

Most of them share articles about their most earned articles and how gained views of articles.

As a long year sales professional, I called “Value Selling” this method.

If you are an early bird on Medium and writing for 4–5 years. You’re lucky to get more audience within a long time. If not, don’t worry it’s not too late and We have still had a chance to earn 4–5 figures on Medium.

You just need some time and some tricks to do this.

Easy and best way is hidden in below popular sentence ;
Good Artists Copy Great Artists Steal

-Steve Jobs

Most Top writers almost use the same method with artificial marketing.
They use to convert it to trying to sell their e-book or courses.

I can’t stop myself from writing e-books until gaining 10K followers. 🙂

See you soon.

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