Most Popular Medium Titles/Subtitles of All Time

Your Audience Will Be Grown Faster Than Before (Popular Medium Titles)

At the beginning of my writing journey on Medium, That was really difficult to find correct titles for my articles to get more reads. (Popular Medium Titles)

So I started checking the most popular articles on Medium. Actually, This is like a formula, and most popular articles on Medium use similar types of titles for their articles.

Here below I’m going to share what I collected from the most popular title and subtitles as formulas.

Only you need to fill the […] related in your article.

From time to time, I’ll add more templates for titles and subtitles.

  • THE [who, what, whereWHO WON THE [feelingOF ALL
  • ARE YOU EVER [problem/fearAT A [name event/situation]?
  • HOW A [discovery, person, place, thingMADE A [amazing thing]
  • HOW TO WIN [person, place, thingAND INFLUENCE [person, place, thing]
  • THE SECRET OF MAKING [what, whoLIKE [what, who]
  • A LITTLE MISTAKE THAT COST A [what, who$ [dollar amountA YEAR
  • ADVICE TO [whoWHOSE [type of thing–e.g. “children”DON’T [do what–e.g. “sit still” “listen”]
  • THE LAST [number of–e.g. “hours/miles/steps/places”ARE THE LONGEST AND THOSE ARE THE[e.g. same number + hours/miles/steps/placesYOU [ result–e.g. save/get back/win/own/love]
  • WHO ELSE WANTS [something amazing–e.g. “to learn Italian in 30 days”]
  • DO YOU MAKE THESE MISTAKES IN [name subject]
  • WHY SOME [problem–e.g. “dreams die”IN [where/when the problem happens–e.g. “in your heart” “in the first 30 days”]
  • WHY SOME [person, title–e.g. “dreamers”ALMOST ALWAYS [something great–e.g. “make big money”IN [what they do–e.g. “their dream of taking baby photos”]
  • WHEN [name famous person–e.g. Oprah] FEELS DEFEATED THIS IS WHAT [e.g. “he” “she”] DOES
  • IT SEEMS INCREDIBLE THAT [name what you think is incredible–“mountain climbers”CAN [name incredible thing–e.g. “sleep hanging from a mountain’s edge”]
  • YOU CAN LAUGH AT [something serious–e.g. “money worries”] IF YOU FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE PLAN
  • YOU CAN LAUGH AT [name serious situation] IF YOU FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE [idea for solving situation]
  • WHOEVER HEARD OF A [person/place/thing-doing something–e.g. “landscape photographer photographing bears”AND ENJOYING [something else–e.g. “eating food” AT THE SAME TIME?
  • CAN YOU PASS THIS [name type of test–e.g. “relationship” “love”TEST?
  • HOW I IMPROVED [person/place/thingIN [name quick amount of time]
  • DISCOVER [something wonderfulTHAT LIES HIDDEN IN YOUR [obscure place]
  • IT SEEMS INCREDIBLE THAT A [name something less than expected–e.g. “a high school student”]CAN [name the unexpected–e.g. “make 100k a year”]
  • THE 5 MOST FAMILIAR [type of troubles/problems–e.g. “negative thoughts”] YOU WANT TO OVERCOME
  • WHICH OF THESE [something wonderfulDO YOU WANT FOR ONLY [name cost time/money]?
  • HOW I MADE [something happen/changeWITH A [foolish idea/something simple/little money]
  • 8 WAYS TO [name item]
  • HAVE YOU EVER SEEN [name person/place/thing] [name feeling–e.g. “cry” “belly laugh” “growl”]?
  • HOW TO DISCOVER A FORTUNE LIVING HIDDEN IN YOUR [name item–e.g. “basement” “writing” “photography”]
  • THE LOWDOWN ON [name item]
  • HOW TO GET A GRIP ON [name item]
  • [A number–e.g. 8, 9,10, 50, etc.HEART-WARMING [items/statement
  • [Person/place/thing] PROVE [number–e.g. “2 out of 3” “4 out of 5” etc.] [person/place/thing] CAN HAVE MORE [something wonderful] IN [number of days/time]

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