My Lessons Learned After 10K Race Without Training

Additionally, How I Gave Up Smoking After 10K Race

I’m an amateur runner and my favourite running distance is 10K Race.

Last week, there was a marathon activity held every year in Izmir, the city where I live.

Due to the pandemic, I could not participate in running races for a long time and I really missed experiencing this excitement. The thought of running after a long time excited me.

There were 2 options in the competition, one was 42K and the other was 10K.
The most suitable one for me was 10K since I haven’t been training for a long time.

I signed up for 10K without thinking. There was only one problem, I hadn’t trained for about 3 years and during this time I had a bad habit. I was a smoker now.

For a moment, I started to think about what will happen if I can’t show my old performance and finish the run.

Runners know well that 5K is a distance that can be run without training, but 10K is a bit long and running without training can disturb the body and legs a little.

Anyway, I had already registered and the countdown had begun. There was no time or day that I was available to train in the remaining time until the race.

Now I had made the decision and I was going to go for this run no matter what and start running without knowing what the result would be.

Finally, with the alarm that went off at 6 am last Sunday, I faced reality and started wearing my running clothes.

I got in my car and started to drive towards the starting point of the run. On the way, I was constantly asking myself questions about how it would be and whether I could do it.

I arrived at the place where the race was going to start and after warming up for a while, the start was given and the race started.

The beginning was just like my old days and I debuted comfortably. Oh my god, there seemed to be no change and I was moving very smoothly.

Until I came to 3K and I suddenly started to have leg pain. But I didn’t run that long, so I thought it was normal and kept running.

When I came to 5K, the oxygen I got from my mouth was not enough and I started to deep breathe. I think I started to feel the harm of cigarettes in all my bones at that moment.

On the climb that came before me, I decided to walk to get some rest and slowed my pace. By the way, I had arrived at the water station. My throat, which was dry with the water I drank, was relieved.

Yes, there was 5K more and I was going to go the same distance back. There was no quitting and I was going to keep going no matter what. It was like that, and I had finished the 10K distance by resting sometimes.

So What Lessons Did I Learn?

Running without training is more painful than enjoyable. If you smoke, it is very difficult for you to breathe while running.

You can’t breathe and your throat is dry from getting oxygen. That’s why you’re always thirsty.

So what happened to me after the race? I did my stretching and got in my car and drove home.

I had mild leg pain, but I found it very normal. What about the evening and the next day, believe me, I could not take a step and I could not get up at all.

Long story short, this experience finally gave me the opportunity to make a good decision.

Today is the 5th day and I don’t smoke. I don’t want to start again anymore. In fact, I have decided to train regularly now.

I will be in my office in Germany for the next week. I kept my hotel in a forest where there are jogging tracks. My goal is to do a minimum of 5k jogging workouts every day after returning from the office.

If you are on the side of Bönen or Hamm in Germany, I am waiting for you to run together. 🙂

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