My Notes and Experiences From Chicago Trip

I tried to use these 2 full days in the most efficient way. (Chicago Trip)

I spent 2 complete days in Chicago during my 8-day trip to the USA in 2018. (Chicago Trip)

The memories of my trip are still in front of my eyes and I did not want to pass without sharing my memories of this beautiful city with you.

Chicago, the 3rd largest city in the USA, is a warm city with its vibrant life despite the cold weather most of the year.

It is known as the windy city, but this windy meaning is expressed more politically by the locals.

By the way, it is definitely a windy city with the effect of Lake Michigan.

In Chicago, which I visited towards the beginning of October, it was cool in the evenings and mild during the day.

City View from My Room Window — Picture by Author

The weather can suddenly change drastically, so it is definitely worth checking the weather forecast before you go.

With its skyscrapers, parks, beaches, jazz bars, musicals and lively streets, Chicago is a pleasant city that you can enjoy despite the cold…

The 2 days I stayed were not enough for me. If you want to see, eat, enjoy the museums, go to musicals and listen to jazz in the evenings, you need at least a week.

I tried to use these 2 full days in the most efficient way.

My only misfortune was that I came across a day when they didn’t allow me to go to the top floor of Skydeck Chicago because it was too cloudy and foggy.

Shakespeare Teather — Picture by Author

But instead, I went to Chicago Adler Planetarium and enjoyed an experience I will never forget by participating in the spacecraft launch simulation, an experience I will never regret later.

I leave you below with some of my own photos from the Adler Planetarium.

Sky Show Area — Picture by Author

Sky Shows is so famous and award-winning. It was an amazing experience for me under the iconic dome theatre.

Entry of Theatre — Picture by Author
Chicago — Hard Rock Cafe — Picture by Author 

I’m a big fan of Hard Rock Cafe, It is the easiest way to remember any visited country or city all over the world with their special T-shirts.

I always buy T-shirts where I found Hard Rock Cafe during my visits to all countries.

Last but not least from my notes, Beneath the towering skyscrapers of Chicago’s Central Business District, lies the Pedway, a complex system of walking tunnels and overhead bridges that connects more than 40 blocks and spans roughly five miles.

If you have not heard about these tunnels, You should check the map before your visit. It really helps to go anywhere easily.

Conclusion ; 

In Chicago, You can really feel the huge face of USA. I spent 50K steps during 2 days in Chicago additionally, I bought Daily Unlimited Bus Ticket to go anywhere faster and easier, If needed. 

After 2 days of visiting Chicago, I passed to Madison for 4 Days. 

So Later on, I will share my experiences and notes about Madison — Wisconsin.