Receive Medium’s Payment To Not Supported Countries By Stripe – 2022 Updated

This is easiest and best way to do (Medium’s Payment)

I am writing this article according to current data as of April 2022.

Now that you are reading this article, I assume that you are looking for the solution on this website after you searched everywhere and could not find any results.

Yes It is true, unfortunately most of countries are not supported to make money within the Medium Partner Program.

Below you can see the countries covered by the payment according to the list shared by Medium.

Therefore, if you try to become a Member of the Affiliate Program on the Medium Website using the instructions on the Medium Website, you will definitely be rejected.

I have been rejected many times before, but after a while, I succeeded by scanning foreign sources and trying different methods so that there must be a way.

Unfortunately, until I wrote this article, “How to Open a Medium Account from Not supported Country” or “How to Get a Medium Payment To There ” I couldn’t find clear guideline and source that answered questions.

Now I will briefly share with you how I did it.

Actually, it’s about Stripe, which Medium uses as its payment infrastructure.

Since Medium naturally uses Stripe payment infrastructure around the world, it included only the countries where Stripe is used in the Payment Program and removed others from its list as of 2017.

To get around the first problem that comes our way, we will open an account on Stripe. Then we will transfer the money to our Euro account in Europe on Wise, where we will withdraw the payments from Medium to Stripe. Finally, the only thing left is to withdraw the money to your own local bank account in the currency you want.

Well, as I just mentioned, on Stripe; If we cannot enter bank account information, that is, a valid Iban Number from your country, then what can we do?

This is where Wise comes to our aid.

For detailed information, you can search the website as Wise from Google.

Create your account by following the instructions on the Wise website.

After creating a Wise account, you need to make a money entry to activate the account.

They do this to verify the account, and I think they’re right, because a lot of illegal transactions can be done and you can only prove it by sending some money to the account by showing that you are not a fake person.

After entering your membership, identity and account information, you can activate your account by transferring an amount of some from your account to Wise and then withdrawing it back to your account again.

There may be lower amounts, but since there will be deductions, I made it with 50 USD in order not to stay below the minimum balance limit in the account later on. You can research the deductions, calculate the minimum amount and do it with a lower amount.

Wise uses a commission-generating payment infrastructure, so keep in mind that there will be some deductions for transfers.

When you withdraw the money you sent to Wise as 50 USD, it will be reduced by 45 USD after the deductions. Take your actions with this in mind.

When I made a transaction, the amount that was 50 USD out of my account after the deductions had reached 44.66 USD. You can decide to take your action and advance the processes by checking the current deduction rates.

We will leave some commission at every point we visit all of the alternatives I have already found so that we can get paid from Medium.

You can think of it this way, 30%-%40 of the we deserve from Medium is directly deducted by Medium.

There is no certainty when shooting Wise from Stripe later. When you send it to Your country from Wise, there is another 3-4% cutoff.

The biggest advantage that Wise provides us in this process is that it opens an account that appears to us in Europe and is opened directly in our name. Euro accounts are settled through Belgium.

For this reason, you provide a bank account information in Euros on your behalf in one of the contracted countries requested by Stripe.

When withdrawing money from Wise to your local bank account each option has different deduction rates in Euro and USD, and you can use whatever you want according to your own preference.

Since the money transfer time is 15 minutes and very short, I convert my current USD balance to Euro and transfer it to my account.

Depending on the amount, when I send my USD balance in Euro, there is an average of 3-4% deduction.

If we sample our money from the beginning over 100 USD after all the deductions, it comes to our account as USD with the current parity for approximately 65 USD.

I see this method as the only viable solution at the moment and I think this is the best method until a better alternative is found. That’s why we will have to let our earnings on Medium be cut by 35% and we will accept it. Our other alternative is to never set out on this road and not make any income from Medium. So it’s 100% cut.

For those who think that the cuts are too much, I recommend that they never start a Medium writing and don’t waste their time.

It is also useful not to skip this. Medium does not officially in your country for now in its payment infrastructure yet, but it will definitely include one of the payment infrastructures in the next few years or in the near future. (Payoneer, Wise Etc.)

In such a case, I’m sure that every amateur, non-professional writer or non-writer on the market will start attacking Medium.

I bet, making money on Medium is much easier than making money on Youtube.

I say this sincerely as someone who founded a Youtube channel 4 years ago and reached a total of 1 million views and got bored with the time and difficulties of creating and editing video content.

If you can start early and build a following on Medium already. It will not be a chance to become one of the highest-paid Medium writers from your country when the day comes. You will eat the fruit of the seeds you have already planted.

Note: The methods I described gave positive results about 6 months ago when I applied them.

Be sure to check the current commission rates and conditions for membership terms on current websites.

I would like to reevaluate alternative methods and options if our friends who have tried the stages share their positive and negative results by writing to me in the contact form or by commenting.

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