Step By Step Blogger Guide From Zero to Hero For Beginners – 2023

Start To Earn Passive Regular Income Easily – Blogger Guide

Blogger Guide – Those who want to make their own voice heard in the digital environment by entering the blog world can find answers to all their questions with the detailed blogging guide I have prepared.

What’s in the step-by-step blogging guide for beginners?

Part 1: What You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

What is a Blog?

What are the Benefits of Starting a Blog?

Why Should I Start a Blog?

What Are The Advantages of Blogging for Business with Statistics?

The Most Popular Blog Ideas For Those Who Want To Start A Blog What do you need to start a blog? (Free and Paid Tools)

Part 2: Picture Step-by-Step Guide to WordPress Blogging

Step 1: Register a Domain Name

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Package: Basic, Standard, Expert

Step 3: Log in to WordPress Admin Panel

Step 4: Customize Your Blog with Free Themes

What is a Blog?

Blog, which means weblog; text, photo and video etc. It is a web-based information-sharing network with content.

People who keep a blog are called bloggers, and the act of keeping a blog is called blogging. Individuals, institutions and brands can freely share the content they want in these weblogs.

Moreover, the fact that the readers can comment on the blog content also allows the establishment of an interactive communication environment with the followers.

Blogs where the content is ordered from current to oldest according to the date of sharing; It is divided into 4 types personal blog, thematic blog, a community blog and corporate blog.

What are the Benefits of Starting a Blog? Why Should I Start a Blog?

With the establishment of Blogger, an automatic blogging (blogging) tool, in 1999, blogging started to become more common.

Today, blogging has become much easier with browser-based software. In fact, a new profession called “blogger/influencer blogger”, which means a blogger who earns financial income by collaborating with brands was born.

There are many reasons for starting a blog for individuals and businesses. While internet users open a blog to reflect on their inner world and share their hobbies; brands and institutions open blogs to announce their philosophies, products, services and services to their target audiences.

So what are the benefits of starting a blog for internet users? Before you write a blog post, you need to do your research and verify what you’re about to write.

This allows you to constantly learn new things. Pursuing new ideas for blog content strengthens your mental activities. As your ideas are liked, your self-confidence increases and you begin to overcome your social phobias.

You learn to be more clear and consistent when expressing your ideas. As you encounter problems in content sharing, you learn to overcome difficult situations. This contributes to your personal development.

Creating a content plan allows you to develop self-discipline. You gain new skills by learning technical information for more effective blog management.

Having a highly interactive blog strengthens your CV, giving you an advantage in job interviews. You create your own virtual family/community with your growing readership over time. As an influencer blogger, you can collaborate with brands and earn financial income. 

As your awareness increases, you can be invited to events as a speaker. You can help people by participating in social responsibility projects.

By making your voice heard in events that affect society, you can create public opinion and draw attention to important problems.

Blogging makes your dream of publishing a book easier by helping you become a real writer over time. Today’s world is digital.

You can build your own online presence in this digital world. When you become a well-known blogger in your field, you can start trading by creating your own brand and expand your audience by taking your dreams one step further.

You can run ads using Google AdSense and earn extra income on your blog.

Advantages of Blogging for Business with Statistics

Today, which is the age of big data, the presence of billions of content on the internet causes information pollution. Blogs stand out by presenting a separate world with their own identities in this chaotic environment.

Especially brands, institutions and companies use the content marketing strategy to gain a permanent place in the minds.

According to statistics, 7 out of 10 consumers show their purchasing behaviour in this direction by having knowledge of content marketing.

Considering that 93% of purchasing behaviour starts with an online search, the most effective content marketing method is blog content.

So what are the benefits of starting a blog for brands, institutions, companies and startups? Increasing brand awareness and awareness enables reaching wider audiences.

Brand and corporate philosophy are reflected more effectively to the target audience. With the blog content, the purchasing behaviour of the customers is directed.

Inbound marketing can be done with blogs, which is one of the most effective content marketing methods today.

More effective promotion and active marketing are done by giving information about products and services.

Frequent updating of blog content generates extra traffic to the website. Increases SEO (search engine optimization) performance.

It supports the growth of social media accounts. Expands the mailing list. Insight into the views of the target audience is obtained.

Brand identity is built by exhibiting the features that make the business different. It is ensured that brands and institutions create strong online assets.

Brands and businesses that have blogs gain an advantage over their competitors. Let’s take a look at the 2019 statistics on businesses that focus on blog content in content marketing.

77% of internet users read blogs. 53% of marketers give priority to blogs in content marketing. Marketing professionals who prioritize blogging are 13 times more successful in ROI (Return On Investment) rates.

The indexing rate of the websites of businesses with a blog in Google is 434% higher than those without a blog. Companies with a block drive 67% more traffic.

80% of internet users prefer to learn about the company through specially created content. Businesses with a blog get 97% of links to their websites.

80% of internet users ignore ads and focus on organic search results. Within the scope of online information, blogs are found to be 5 times more secure by internet users.

Considering that 99% of the ads do not sell your products, collaborations with influencer bloggers increase your sales rates while making consumers trust your brand.

The Most Popular Blog Ideas For Those Who Want To Start A Blog

If you want to start a blog but don’t know where to start, you can get inspiration from popular blog ideas. In the blog you will open, you can combine your different interests or concentrate on a single area.

The important thing is to move forward by placing your blog on a certain concept.

The most popular blog ideas for those who want to start a blog:

Personal Development blog

Hobby Blog

Eating — Drinking Blog

Wellness Blog

Sports and Activity Blog

Travel Blog

Lifestyle Blog

Mother-Child/Parenting Blog

DIY blog

HomeLife and Decoration Blog

Professional/Sectoral blog

Tech Blog

Game Blog

Career Blog

Motivation Blog

Beauty, Makeup and Fashion Blog

Photography, Music, Art, Philosophy or History Blogs

You can enlarge your goals by examining examples of successful blogs that have gained worldwide fame with their content on different topics.


What do you need to start a blog?

Starting a blog is pretty easy these days. You can create your blog in minutes using free blog publishing tools like, Tumblr, Wix or Blogger.

These free blogging tools are advantageous for beginner amateur bloggers as they are free and easy to use.

However, it is not preferred by those who want to be a successful blogger due to reasons such as being away from a professional impression, facing the threat of deletion at any time, limited sharing rights, not being safe and limiting authority.

The extension names of these sites will appear at the end of the blog name you create with free blogging tools. (,, etc.)

This gives an unprofessional impression.

Especially if you want to create your personal brand, become an influencer, sell your designs, collaborate with brands or make your business different from your competitors, I recommend you stay away from free tools.

Instead, you can create your own blog by purchasing a domain name.

Those who want to brand or do e-commerce through a blog should definitely use

Blog tools such as Blogger or do not provide an infrastructure for e-commerce sites.

But with, you can create your own online store in minutes by installing a single e-commerce plugin.

While offers free blogging, you need to purchase a domain and hosting service to set up a blog on

Creating a based blog with your own domain is pretty easy and requires no technical knowledge.

The biggest advantage of the blog is that it is a system that you can customize by managing it as you wish.

To start a WordPress blog, you need 3 things: domain, hosting, and blogging platform.

Domain: Buy a domain name for your personal blog. (Example: You can find answers to the questions of what is a domain and what should be considered when choosing a domain by clicking here.

Annual fees for popular domain extensions .com, .net, .org start from $9.99.

Hosting: You should purchase a hosting services in order to publish your content on the domain name you purchased and to ensure that your blog is available 24/7.

WordPress hosting packages, the world’s most preferred content management system (CMS), are offered with 4 different options: personal, premium, business and eCommerce.

I use the Business Plan for its content benefits. It provides serious advantages due to its SEO features and advanced settings.

WordPress blog and hosting packages start at $2.49 per month, including a free SSL certificate.

Click to review all packages and get free support.

When you purchase a hosting service tailored for, you get email management, co-location, virtual server (vds/virtual server), SSL certificate, SEO tools, security and content delivery network (CDN), etc. You can also benefit from additional services.

WordPress hosting; It provides advantages with its Multilanguage management panel, no technical knowledge required, professional appearance, unlimited theme customization, easy plugin installation, speed, security layer, reasonable price, SEO friendly and responsive (mobile compatibility).

Blog platform: When you choose a WordPress hosting package, you can use the WordPress blog platform to publish your blog with one click.

Customize Your Blog with Free Themes

Once you have successfully set up your WordPress blog, you can start customizing it.

For this, you can take advantage of the free themes that WordPress offers in-house.

For this, you can search using the WordPress Theme Directory service.

Those who don’t want to stop by looking for themes can try the 10 most popular free blog themes of 2022.






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