The Simpsons predictions for 2023! Is a new war coming?

They know a lot of things by now

“A massive nuclear attack is expected to reach our shores within 1 hour.”

The 2023 prophecies of The Simpsons, which have been in front of the audience for 34 seasons, have emerged. 

Here are the 2023 prophecies of the series, which previously knew Donald Trump’s presidency and the coronavirus pandemic years in advance.


According to the images shared by a Simpson fan TikTok account, there will be a war between China and the US in 2023.

In one part of the series, the newscaster said, “I regret to inform you that a war has broken out between the US and China. A massive nuclear attack is expected to reach our shores within 1 hour.”


In another post, a virus worse than coronavirus will emerge. As a matter of fact, Homer, one of the characters of the program, is having a very difficult time due to this virus.


After the globalization of the virus, Donald Trump dies in March 2023. However, according to the same program, US leader Donald Trump should have died in 2022.


The Simpsons also have predictions for 2026 and 2050. According to the ‘Top 5 scariest Simpsons series’ published on YouTube, it is mentioned that humans will reach Mars.

In season 27, episode 16, characters Marge and Lisa volunteer to be the first humans to live on Mars. The duo is sent to the Red Planet in 2026.

In real life, millionaire Elon Musk plans to send SpaceX to Mars. He also wants to colonize Mars.


Another future prophecy of The Simpsons includes zombies. Zombie attacks are seen in one series.


It has been claimed before that The Simpsons knew some things in advance. In a 1997 episode, the 2018 World Cup was predicted correctly.

In addition, in an episode in 1993, when Donald Trump was the President of the United States, the Covid-19 pandemic was mentioned.

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