Title Selection Techniques and Importance For Articles

95% Of The People Will Decide To Read With Influence of Your Title (Title Selection)

If you are reading a very good article, there are two things that make you read this article:(Title Selection)

The title of the article must have impressed you or the summary of the article must be good… Isn’t it?

Or you have found the exact topic you are looking for…

If you are reading one by choosing among many articles, pay attention to the first article title.

If only the title of the article impresses you, you also read the abstract.

If the summary catches your attention, you read the article.

If there is no summary, you read the first sentences of the article and wait for the first sentences to affect you before you read the rest.

If you have a habit of reading in your life, you do it all the time, even if you don’t realize it. While reading a newspaper, magazine, buying a book…

So, if you are an article writer, you need to apply some techniques or methods, considering that your audience will act like this too.

In this article, I will present you with several techniques for article title selection.

If you apply these techniques correctly, I am sure that you will be able to observe a huge increase in the rate of reading your articles.

Actually, there is a very popular technique that I don’t like. For example, you can apply a method such as “10 Techniques for Article Title Selection” for this article title.

But that definitely makes you a casual article writer. Many people have started doing this.

Because at the same time, although this method is recommended in most places, you can also cause people to get bored while reading your articles.

If you are going to choose such a method, you should take care to include the 10 techniques you offer only in your article.

You have to add something from yourself. Because if you don’t share ordinary things like everyone else, people who read your article may be curious and read your other articles if they are reading you by chance.

In summary, what I want to tell in this paragraph is; If there is a number in the article title selection, present original content as much as this number.

Expressions such as 10 techniques, 10 methods are very remarkable, so it may be to your advantage to be preferred. If you are using such a method, as I have said many times, your content should be suitable for it.

I talked about it a little bit in the introduction. The article title is the key to your article. In other words, 95% of the people who will read your article will start reading your article by looking at your article title and 5% by looking at the summary.

No matter how well you explain the subject if you cannot reach the readership, the articles you write may cause you to be disappointed and demoralized.

If you are experiencing such situations, what you will definitely do is review all your articles again and review the titles you have chosen.

I’m sure you will find it useful…

I’ll tell you about one more technique.

If you are writing articles for your blog or website, do not choose the title of the article without applying this technique. This technique is research.

I think you are writing by estimating the readership of the article you are writing.

For example, if you are writing articles on artificial intelligence, you are estimating the average number of people related to this topic and these people.

So, in order to appeal to reader capacity, you need to think very well about how they think or how they use search engines.

Because there is a difference between an ordinary person’s habit of using a search engine and the use of a computer engineer or a person who is interested in artificial intelligence.

I explain this by giving an example from my own position. but you should think about it for your topic and your audience.

Apart from that, there are two other issues to consider. First, how will people reach me, and second, if they do, will they choose my article to read?

If your article title is what people are looking for, they will definitely start reading your article without even looking at the summary.

The important point at this time will be the sentences with which you start the article.

But if your article title is not searched, your article title becomes important.

It is impossible for millions of people to search for the same words. But it is possible to influence millions of people with the same title…

From this point of view, we can say the following. Rather than caring about what people are looking for, you should think about how you can influence.

If the content of your subject already reaches a certain level of readers, the only thing you should focus on is the title of this article I wrote, I would be impressed.

Of course, you can also get help using search engines.

Let’s say you decided on the article title. One of my suggestions should be to refer to the search engine you use with a few suggestions instead of a single title.

You can use search engines to search for how many articles have been written on this topic. For this, instead of typing and searching for normal words, type your article title in double quotation marks and take a look at the number of results.

For my article, it will be “Article Title Selection Techniques and Its Importance”.

Your search for your own title suggestions in this way and see the results. This is important to give you information about how many people have written articles on this subject before.

For example, if you see a number above ten thousand, switch to the other option. Of course, if your website and blog have a higher trust value than other websites, you have the opportunity to appear on the first page, but I think you should not try this option to respect your effort.

At the same time, if the result is below a hundred, you should look at the reader potential of the subject.

For example, if the result you are looking for is below 100 on a subject that may interest 1 million people, I suggest you choose another topic. The most important point you need to pay attention to in this search method is to determine the reader potential and the ratio in the result set correctly.

It is impossible for me to give a recommendation for this, but always make sure that your article title is more than 100 and less than ten thousand.

One thing that is recommended in most SEO methods and that people make articles ugly and unreadable is the promise to use the article title in the text.

This word, which does not make any sense technically, will definitely do nothing but spoil the content of the articles you write. However, it is the reverse of this process, which is the method most choose.

In other words, choose an article title according to the words in the article. In a word, this method will make your article lose its appeal.

Instead, you can choose a very different title from the message you want to tell or give.

In other words, instead of choosing the topics in your article or the results of your article as the article title, ensuring that the readers find the most important thing in the article will make people feel smarter.

Since this brings self-confidence to people, it will cause you to have positive feelings inside…

In addition to the methods I have described, there are certain methods that you have developed.

As you start to write articles and your experience in this subject increases, your skill in this subject will also increase.

If you follow my methods, your success is inevitable.

But in addition to these issues, I would like to point out that the important thing is the content of your article.

Although we talk about the importance of the article title, all of these topics only come into play with strong content.

So if you don’t have a very good article, choosing a beautiful and impressive title would only be to fool people, which I would not recommend doing.

Empathy is very important. Or you should put yourself on your readers’ side.

If you can’t answer “yes” to the question “Would I read it if I were you?” Then keep improving the article….

Apart from these issues, there are a few other important things.

This is how people can get results while reading your articles, brainstorm, or even discussing with you the topics you’ve written.

As long as you apply them, you don’t even need to care about the article title…

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