Top Medium And Blog Topics To Make Money

Blog topics are important topics that a person should research before starting a blog.

Table of Contents
1. How to do it?
2. Travel
3. Recommendation
4. Review
5. Finance
6. Movie Recommendations
7. Technology
8. Fashion
9. New Business Ideas
10. List
So How Do I Know All This?

It is an important factor in both determining the purpose of your blog and determining whether you can make money financially.

The most clicked blog topics show very little breakage over time.

Shaping your site with popular blog topics will both increase the number of visitors and increase your earnings. In this guide, I give advice on money-making blog topics, topic suggestions for a personal blog and similar areas.

I offer a comprehensive guide on how to find blog ideas.

Before starting a blog, it is very important to determine the topic and make a plan for its future. After the topic is determined, other factors such as keyword research, and competitor site analysis are looked at.

Your blog topic may have many alternatives and competitors. This should definitely not dull your enthusiasm and desire. There is no such thing as everyone doing quality work. 

It is extremely important for you to choose a blog topic that is of interest to you and that you will not get bored with writing. You should definitely pay attention to this issue.

Because most bloggers close the blog site after 2–3 months.

The reason is to get bored, not want to go further, and not find a topic to write about. Those looking for topic suggestions for the blog will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I have meticulously prepared this content that will save you from this problem and will answer all your questions. Start reviewing the list of blog topics I have listed below.

Best Blog Topics, Most Clicked Blog Ideas

1. How to do it?

How-to blogs attract a lot of attention. How to make lentil soup? How to make glue? It is possible to produce content on many topics you can think of.

People are now trying to find things that they cannot find solutions by typing in search engines like Google. Opening a how-to blog will get a lot of clicks and earn a lot of money.

In addition, creating this kind of blog can also allow you to appear on a platform like YouTube in the future. In addition to text content, producing video content will give you an extra return.

2. Travel

Among the blog topics, I can say that it is perhaps the one that gets the most clicks and earns the most. If you are interested in travel, travel topics, a blog in this style will be very good for you.

Since it is a blog topic you love, you will never get bored of writing and informing people. It can become a tremendous source of income for people who constantly travel and enjoy seeing places. It is inevitable that you will have the opportunity to work with hotels and tourism companies in the form of affiliate sales.

3. Recommendation

Recommendation and suggestion blog is again among the most clicked blog topics. People like to do research and look for advice and comments before buying any goods, tools, equipment, or anything.

Choosing such a blog topic will not upset you in terms of both earnings and visitors. Content is easy to write. There are plenty of resources. For example, the best washing machines, the best televisions, the best ovens and similar content can be produced.

4. Review

Everyone needs unbiased information about a product or service before they buy it. That’s why online reviews are always in high demand. Especially for trendy things.

If you can write high-quality reviews, your blog will definitely gain traction in no time! In addition, if you maintain your quality and write long enough content, readers will see you as an expert in the industry.

However, you should target a specific industry. If you are interested in more than one, you should create different blogs for each.

When writing a review, you can’t just cater to the needs of one company or brand. Identifying some pros and cons for each product you review increases your credibility.

5. Finance

Finance is a broad topic, but it is at the top of the list of money-making blog topics. It is inevitable that blogs on credit, credit cards, banking, real estate, stock market, cryptocurrency and similar areas will make money.

A blog topic that brings so much profit is naturally highly competitive. You should identify words with high search volume and low competition.

Such personal blog topics are chosen by people who are truly experts in blogging. Because it is very important to find the right keywords and write SEO-compatible articles.

If you are going to start a new blog, it may be difficult for you to choose such a blog topic.

6. Movie Recommendations

Yes, there is a lot of demand for blogs in the style of movie recommendations, not movie watching. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the whole world, new movies could not be released. People are now bored of watching the same movies over and over again.

Those who want to get bored and watch movies at home are looking for different and beautiful movies. 

This is where your blog can come in. Posting different and the best movies on your blog where you give movie recommendations will cause a great return.

You can continue on your way by producing content such as space movies, vampire movies, and apocalyptic movies. It is a very enjoyable blog topic that I am also curious about.

7. Technology

A technology blog may be at the top of the most clicked blog ideas, but the competition is fierce. Such blogs earn a lot and get a lot of clicks. But your technology blogs should have more than one editor.

Due to the high competition, it is a style that can come somewhere by making expenses. When you enter this lane, you will have to compete with sites like Webtekno. This should not scare you. Of course, you can do better.

8. Fashion

Yes, opening a fashion blog is very popular in terms of both profit and visitor return. According to research, women click on ads more and interact much more.

They comment on your blog posts and do not refrain from clicking on Google Adsense ads on your site. Of course, there is also competition among fashion blogs. But it is possible to get efficiency if you support it through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

9. New Business Ideas

Starting a blog in the style of new business ideas has become quite popular. Because the coronavirus has locked people at home and people have started looking for additional work. Demand has increased for ideas on what to do on the internet to make money online.

Those who have such blogs are reaping the fruits in terms of both clicks and earnings. 

Not only the coronavirus but also the developing technology has paved the way for making money online. It is definitely among the blog topics that should be evaluated.

10. List

You can set up a blog on list content, which has grown in popularity in recent years. You can publish a list of useful tools, books or similar related resources for the masses with attention-grabbing titles such as “10 best-selling books”.

The list blog, which is among the blog ideas, is enjoyable and easy to produce content. Earnings and visitor opportunities are high.

This is my list of blog topics for now. All blog ideas on this list are productive in terms of earnings and visitors.

If the blog topics I mentioned above are kneaded with perseverance, labour and determination, they can bring you up to 5–10–20 thousand USD per month with Google Adsense.

So how do I know all this?

I have been interested in blogging, Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing for years and I have been making money online with Adsense and affiliate marketing. 
I am currently earning an average of 4-digit monthly Adsense income from my blog.


All the sectors I have published in the list of blog topics are in a style that can bring you profit. If you really want to do this job and earn passive income, you must be determined and determined.

The common point of all failed bloggers is not being patient and being bored. If you are going to start a business, definitely go all the way. You don’t need to know everything. Continue on your way by researching and improving yourself.

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