Virtual Land – I’ve Invested My First in 2022

You should either…(Virtual Land)

Why and Which platform did I use to buy my first virtual land?

Before starting for buying journey, I spent a few days only finding the right platform for my needs.

What were my needs and What was I looking for?

I was looking for a strong project with a powerful team and organization. There are a few alternatives that have those features.

Decentraland, Opensea, OVR were prominent and I deeply view three platforms to find the best for me.

One of my targets was to spend minimum money as much as possible to buy my virtual lands. To transfer your crypto money to the platforms via Metamask, TrustWallet, and more.., You need to pay quite an expensive Gas Fee before buying anything and this money goes to the air.

First I tried to send my crypto money via Etherium Network to Opensea and Decentraland but I was shocked because of about 80$ gas fee.

I’ve realized that OVR platform uses their own crypto for buying anything in the platform and OVR coin let swap with BNB. It means that you can use Binance Smart Chain Network in your crypto wallet ( Metamask, TrustWallet, …)

I think that Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the cheapest way to transfer your crypto from one platform to another platform. Via BSC, I paid about 1 $ gas fee to transfer my crypto as BNB to Metamask. After that via PancakeSwap, I change crypto from BNB to OVR. That’s all and I was ready to buy my Virtual lands on the platform with OVR Coin.

I’m going to share more information about OVR platform and if you’re interested in detailed information. In this Link, you can find the Whitepaper of the Platform.

The OVR ecosystem is underpinned by a grid of hexagons covering the whole earth’s surface. The hexagons are called OVRLands, have specific geographic positions and a standard dimension of 300 Square Meters. The total number of OVRLands is 1.660.954.464.112.

OVRLands can be further divided into 7 hexagons allowing for even more precise localisations. OVRlands are not only a reference system used to position AR and VR content, they are also the fundamental digital asset that will enable our community to generate the economic incentives for development and growth.

OVRLands will be bought* by OVROwners, their property will be granted by a non-fungible token — ERC-721 standard — recorded on the Ethereum blockchain allowing for decentralized and censorship-resistant property rights.

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