Why I Changed Writing Frequency on Medium From 7 to 2 Articles/Week

Sometimes, Less Is More and Better (Writing Frequency)

Today, I’ve almost finished my 6th Month on Medium writing journey. (Writing Frequency)

I spend about 2–3 hours a day watching videos, reviewing the most important writers and determining my own strategies by experimenting in order to both write new articles and grow fast on the platform.

I have decided to share with you one of the very important experiences I have gained by spending 6 months.

Here is very special information in order to be useful to you who have just started writing or who have been trying for a while but cannot grow fast on Medium.

For the first 4 months of my journey, I was writing 1 article each day. It was amazing for me as I haven’t written anything all in my life. 

Suddenly, I have been started to write articles regarding my professional area as leadership, personal growth, better life, business and etc.

Here below you can see my earnings on Medium for 4 months in my non-stop writing period between January and April. 

Before January I wasn’t so much active on the platform. So I shared my earnings just from each day’s writing period. 

Screenshot by Author 

As you can see from the completed periods, My earnings were growing until the 4th Month increasing by around %50 month by month.

During this period, I was dreaming to keep %50 growing each month but In May, It stop and stabilized at around 30$.

Screenshot by Author

After that, I focused to spend most of my time on my own Blog to earn income by Google Adsense. 

I found my own SEO strategy and my audience and visiting reports are growing very fast.

Each day, I’ve started to earn 3 Figures income by Google Adsense.

It’s unbelievable because I used the same articles on Medium and on My Blog.

Earnings are completely different and Adsense income is more than Medium around x20 in a month.

Nevertheless, I’ll continue to write Medium without thinking about income and earnings. Because I’ve believed in this platform very much. Also, Medium caused me to start my consistent writing journey. 

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