Gökhan is a passionate online writer. His constant desire to write have attracted the attention of many of his followers. His passion for online entrepreneurship and blogging dates back to his childhood.

Through the his weekly Newsletters as English and Turkish, he also guides and supports everyone who wants to become Online Writer / Blogger.

He supports new writers to unleash their potential and prepares road maps they need to follow from beginning for their long term writing journey.

As the founder of Medium, the “Turkiye Yayını” publication, Gökhan combined his passion for writing with online entrepreneurship.

He not only wrote, but also analyzed contents, codes and connected links behind of blogs of success writers and developed his own strategies to earn more money by writing on the internet.

He continues to write online as a part-time writer for two hours a day for now. His biggest ambition is to become a full-time writer in the future.

He currently continues his professional career as an global project manager and he also writes about his experiences while traveling all over the world as well.

Gökhan, who is married with one child, is interested in Industrial Design and Amateur running.


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Get in touch

Gökhan is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you want to chat about writing, blogging, online entrepreneurship or any related topics, don’t hesitate in reaching out.