4 Popular Web Sites To Write Your Codes Via Web Browser

I want to share my favourite websites for writing your codes directly on browsers – Codes Via Web Browser

1. Codepen.io

It is a website that supports HTML, CSS and Javascript and is generally preferred by front-end developers.

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The free version of CodePen allows you to publish three types of content (Pen, Project and Post).

“Pen” is a single page of content that we can create using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is the most commonly used type in CodePen.

“Project”, as the name suggests, allows us to create projects consisting of more than one page and to host the elements to be used in the project on CodePen. The biggest difference from Pens is that it offers storage space to the user. However, the free version allows for creating a single project.

You can share content such as articles, articles, etc. for information sharing with “Post” pages.

2. Codeanywhere.com

It is a website that supports many programming languages.

Codes Via Web Browser
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If we list the features of the application, which is free for individual use;

First of all, we need to say the text editor that is simple and easy on the eyes.

Codeanywhere application has a structure that connects directly to your files on the server via FTP or SFTP.

It also allows you to send your command codes via terminal.

3. Codesandbox.io

It is a website preferred by website developers.

Codes Via Web Browser
Screenshot by Author

CodeSandbox is a web-based code editor. It allows you to create a new project in one click, automating transfer, packaging and dependency management for you.

Once you’ve created something fascinating, you can share it with others by sharing the website.

The editor is compatible with any JavaScript project, although it includes certain React-specific features, such as the option to save the project in a create-react-app template.

Any project you create in CodeSandbox starts with a template. It can be related to a specific library, framework, or runtime (including Node.js), or it can use only standard web technologies.

After choosing a template, you are sent to the editor, where you will find all the necessary files and the preview window is already open.

4. Repl.it

It is a website where you can develop a joint project with your friends.

Codes Via Web Browser
Screenshot by Author

Repl.it is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with multi-language support that you can run in your browser.

It is a platform with multi-language support where you can run more than 50 programming languages, especially popular languages such as Python3, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, Java, React Native.

Although there are similar tools that provide multilingual support, Repl.it manages to differentiate itself and stands out with its social responsibility aspect.

When applied as a school or teacher, unlimited usage rights are granted.

In many schools, the computer labs are shared for a few courses or classes, so it is very difficult to download any programmes or to ensure that the programmes remain there.

However, thanks to repl.it, programming lessons can be progressed without the need for any installation.

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