9 Easy Tricks — How I Read Thick Books In Just One Day

Stopping your inner voice is one of the stages that will increase your speed the most

Table of Contents

  ∘ Why should we read with understanding?
  ∘ Fast Reading Comprehension Techniques
  ∘ 1- Illustrate
  ∘ 2. Active Reading
  ∘ 3- Read with your eyes
  ∘ 4-Adjust your speed
  ∘ 5- Read Plenty
  ∘ 6- Improve Your Vocabulary
  ∘ 7- Get rid of superstitions
  ∘ 8-Read Correctly
  ∘ 9-Long Reading Practice

Speed reading means accelerating the coordination between the mind and the eye. Speed reading means maximizing the rate of recall per unit of time in the mind.

Speed reading means increasing the number of words we read in 1 minute above the standards.

Reading words fast is not enough on its own. We need to both read fast and understand what we read well.

Otherwise, speed reading is of no importance. The reason why speed reading alone does not mean anything is this:

Why should we read with understanding?

The main purpose of reading is to learn. Even if we read a novel, we hope that what we read will add something to us. The organization of the sentences we read, even pleasant descriptions, are actually things we want to learn and feel.

Speed reading alone, without comprehension, is like a gun without bullets. So we cannot achieve what we aim for. Therefore, our first priority should be reading with comprehension.

There are many things to do for speed reading and comprehension, which I will explain later in the article.

However, if we cannot understand or if we understand late, this is completely a problem for us. In other words, we would be making a mistake if we attribute this only to the text we read, the environment in which we read, and our distracted mind.

For fast reading and comprehension, we must first look for the blame in ourselves. 

Have I improved myself enough? 
Have I expanded my vocabulary? 
Have I downloaded speed reading and comprehension techniques? 
Have I enrolled in a speed reading and comprehension course? 
Have I read a lot of books?

Have I ever given myself a speed reading and comprehension test?

When we ask ourselves the question — No! If we give the answer, then we are wrong. But we are aware of our mistake and we will make up for it.

Fast Reading Comprehension Techniques

Reading and understanding are completely different concepts. We need to distinguish between the two. Everyone can read fast, but not everyone can understand fast. 

This does not mean that the person who can read is intelligent. It doesn’t mean that the person who can’t read is stupid. It is all about personal development, that is, self-development! Now we will try to help you with this.

We will teach you quick comprehension techniques.

1- Illustrate

One of the speeds reading comprehension techniques is exemplification. While reading the text, try to see your mental depth.

Master your own mind and try to exemplify what you read as fast as possible. When you already have this desire, your brain will immediately ask itself what is appropriate for this!

It will ask itself the question and find similar examples and inform you.

If you read that “someone who is not wearing a seatbelt has less chance of survival in an accident if he/she is speeding”, you can imagine that “someone who is not wearing a seatbelt crashes into something and is thrown out of the window”. There can be **millions of examples like this.

2. Active Reading

When you raise your finger to read in class, you only pay attention to reading correctly and accurately in order to read well. 

However, your friend next to you gives more accurate answers to the questions that are about to be asked. There are reasons for this.

First, when you were reading, you focused your attention only on reading the text well. That is why a different part of your brain worked. Since the brain devoted all its energy to reading well, it was not possible for you to read with understanding

Why did your friend give better answers than you? Because he couldn’t read, but he could hear the sound from the closest place. 

In other words, his physical conditions were very good, his language was not working, and he was only following with his eyes, so he did not put an unnecessary burden on the brain. He was just trying to understand what he was reading.

Therefore, he understood much better and gave correct answers to the questions.

Reading effectively is not just silent reading. Active reading is getting into the text. It is trying to understand. Your goal should be to understand, not to read.

Reading by stopping your inner voice is one of the stages that will increase your speed the most.
The method I use is to count from 1 to 10 while reading something.

3- Read with your eyes

Using only your eyes will relax your brain. Because if you move your mouth or read aloud, the brain will allocate a significant part of its processing power for this. 

However, we want to fully understand what we read, so we should leave the comprehension part to the whole of our brain.

4-Adjust your speed

If we don’t understand anything we read, we can slow down our speed. Everyone’s mind speed is different.

We can use reading and comprehension techniques and improve ourselves so that the reading speed, that is, the eye speed, catches up with the speed of the mind. 

However, if we are still slow in comprehension, we should reduce our reading speed to a level where we can understand better.

5- Read Plenty

The quickest way to understand what you read is to read a lot. The more you read, the more words you learn. Your mind speeds up, so you understand more things in less time.

6- Improve Your Vocabulary

The more vocabulary you know about a subject, the faster you can understand it. 

To improve your vocabulary, you can read books, and newspapers and write down words you do not know the meaning of.

7- Get rid of superstitions

It is imperative that you stay away from absurd things like there should be music while reading, or if I don’t shake my foot, I won’t understand. 

Because this kind of unnecessary work reduces your brain speed, that is, your speed of understanding.

8-Read Correctly

You should not skim over what you read. Full reading leads to full comprehension. 

Thoughts such as “let me skip some parts” or “I don’t need to read this part” will make you lazy and make it difficult for you to understand the whole text.

9-Long Reading Practice

If you are overwhelmed by reading for long periods of time, what you need to do is read long. Because to overcome difficulties, you have to struggle with them. 

A weightlifting athlete lifts heavy weights hundreds of times to lift the heaviest weight. So to read long texts without getting bored, you have to keep reading long texts even if you get bored.

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