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How To Be Consistent To Achieve A Goal

Consistency for becoming successful

What we all want most in this life is hidden in these words.- Consistent To Achieve

The goal we sometimes compete with ourselves and sometimes with others; is to succeed.

Because we see and use the concept of success and winning as the same.

This is a separate article, I will not discuss these two concepts here.

Based on the current usage, I will give you the answer to the question you are all wondering.

What is the secret of success?

You have heard or read many success stories. There are common foundations in all of them, of course; but each story is actually unique.

Yours will be the same. The secret is not here. The secret is hidden after you succeed. A real achievement brings continuity, that is, it has aftermath.

If it is a one-time, moment-specific achievement, it is not a real achievement. 

For example, your goal is to reach the top of a mountain. You have worked hard for it, you have made a lot of calculations, you have drawn plans, you have received support, and you have considered every detail and possibility. You put everything you had, both material and spiritual.

Finally, the day has come and you have reached the top of the mountain. You are very happy because you have succeeded.

You have reached your goal. And then what?

If you make a point here, it will be a story you will tell for years among family or friends.

But after you, someone else will climb other mountains, steeper and more challenging, higher mountains, or they will climb in different ways and with different difficulties, they will try something different from you and achieve new successes.

Your story will no longer be interesting, it will just be a memory of you.

Of course, the choice is yours. You can do it once, realize your own ideal and call it a day. However, if it is a real success, what you want to achieve should be its continuation, that is, its aftermath.

The world giant companies, institutions and individuals that you see as successful today are those who see the aftermath and have even made step-by-step plans. This is a real success, a victory in the full sense of the word.

This is where strategy comes into play. Those who can imagine what comes after, who can really foresee it, leave their mark and become the idols and role models of everyone today.

You are on your way, think about what you want when you set out. Is it to achieve real success or is it just to break your own record and achieve a momentary success? Both are your success, but one requires more.

You need to plan for the aftermath. Like making a series of movies with a higher box office. Like a serial movie that you don’t want to end, that you want to have sequels.

You can be sure that the filmmakers are already waiting for the sequels of that movie with their scripts and plans. They are thinking beyond the success of the first movie.

Because that’s how the big production companies keep the American movie industry alive. The success they are aiming for is a real and bigger success, a success that is constantly increasing and moving towards better and better.

Those who can do this survive and take their place in the league of giants.

Today, real success is directly proportional to your goal. Therefore, as I mentioned above, you should determine a strategy according to the success you want.

Step by step, you should act by thinking about every detail together with the aftermath. In fact, it is worth underlining the fact that the feeling of success is addictive, it cannot remain a one-time success.

Maybe not in the same branch or field, but it is likely to trigger a sense of achievement in other fields.

If your dream is to get a piece of the pie in your chosen field, you should be one of those who plan for the future, we said this is the secret.

After a while, you may become the one who makes and shares that cake, who knows? This thinking about the aftermath can be a bit difficult.

Because it feels like it will always be afterwards and afterwards, doesn’t it? This is where your team comes into play.

That’s why it is said; “Individual success may be preferable to start with, but building a team, having a team is very important for later”.

This will take the burden off you and allow you to follow a more permanent path with different and fresher ideas. The aftermath that you need to think about will find its way by itself and reach continuity on solid ground.

To summarize all that I have said, in order to succeed, you must have a desire for success, you must have such a goal.

If your goal is to have real and lasting success and to keep your success story alive, we have given you the secret, act by getting acquainted with the aftermath in advance.

Thus, it will be easier for you to adapt and take steps according to the problems that may arise.

Because the secret of success is continuity…