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Why I Changed Writing Frequency on Medium From 7 to 2 Articles/Week

Sometimes, Less Is More and Better (Writing Frequency) Today, I’ve almost finished my 6th Month on Medium writing journey. (Writing Frequency) I spend about 2–3 hours a day watching videos, reviewing the most important writers and determining my own strategies by experimenting in order to both write new articles and grow fast on the platform. I have decided to share with – […]

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How To Earn Money On Medium

How much did I earn last month during December in my serious publishing period on the medium? (Money On Medium) The amount may seem small for most of you but earnings are just numbers to see results. The important thing is the look into graph details within growing differences between months. As much as I would love for this not – […]

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How To Find 100 Followers On Medium

I’m going to share the perfect strategy to gain your first 100 followers on Medium easily. Actually This method has been worked for me and hopefully will work for you as well. (100 Followers On Medium) If you try to find followers via only sharing articles. It ‘s really hard to find first 100 follower in short time. Of course – […]

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