Write Better and Boost Your Audience Stats With 4 Apps

I was writing really bad before those apps and websites (Write Better)

Today, it’s been almost 6 months since I started my Medium writing journey.
During this time, I have really gained a lot of experience.

Whenever I review my previous article, I can easily notice how much improvement I have made each time.

So how did I achieve this development and which programs helped it?
First of all, I should point out that. There is a production focused on development and success as a character.

When I started my Medium journey, I started to feel the sense of accomplishment that I had previously felt for my 9–5 job.

I am someone who reads and researches a lot.
To be successful on Medium, I can honestly say that even in my dreams I ponder strategies.

My only problem as of now is that I can’t find enough time to write as much as I want due to my daily family life and my current 9–5 job.

Despite this, I think that I have come a long way in a period of 6 months.

I shared exactly 120 articles on Medium. My monthly view count is close to 6000, and it continues to increase day by day.

The number of my e-mail members on different platforms and on my blog and Medium started to increase day by day.

These positive results I get motivate me more and I continue to write with greater enthusiasm.
So, which applications and websites do I use while writing my articles?

#1 —  Hemingway Editor

Screenshot by Author

According to me, Hemingway is the best writing app for Writers.

Because You can see the readability score for your articles and see all count for total words and sentences directly inside of the app.

My favourite feature is publishing my articles as drafts to the Medium directly from the Hemingway.

Screenshot by Author

#2 —  Grammarly Desktop

Screenshot by Author

Grammarly is one of the best apps that help writers to find grammar mistakes and write rules with symbols.

As you see from the below screenshot, Grammarly helps me to find and correct grammar mistakes in my articles.

Screenshot by Author

#3 — Mate Translate

Screenshot by Author

English is my second language.

My native language is Turkish and I’m a beginner in the German Language.

So I sometimes face finding the meaning of difficult words while writing English articles. 

Mate Translate help me to find translations of difficult English words for me.

At the same time, If I want to check the general meaning of sentences in Turkish to crosscheck as above screenshot, I use Mate Translate again.

#4 —  Copy Clip

Screenshot by Author

I use many sources while writing my articles.
I’m storing important parts directly on the panel of copy clips. I just use “Cmd+C” to copy them to the board. 

Copy clips that are not usable in the resources, and I can find the copy clips when I need them again.

Those four apps are my favourites while writing all of my articles on Medium.

I hope those also help for who are beginning of his/her writing journey and looking for helpful apps for becoming better.


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