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11 Amazing Chrome Extensions 10x Better to Replace ChatGPT

ChatGPT Discredited

Artificial intelligence quickly entered our lives and it has become much easier to do many things since then.

With the paid version, you can make reservations such as hotel, car, restaurant for a special day by writing a single sentence to chatGPT.

As someone who regularly uses chatGPT, I always follow other alternatives and try to share the beautiful applications I find with you.

Now below I have compiled for you the perfect extensions that you can add to the chrome web browser and will make your daily business processes incredibly easy.

If there are other alternatives you know and use, please do not forget to share them as comments.

1. Glasp YouTube Summary

Automatically generate summaries of your favorite YouTube videos through artificial intelligence.

Perfect for learning more efficiently.

2. Compose AI

It is a free Chrome extension that reduces your writing time by 40% with AI-powered auto-completion. 

It is an AI-powered tool that learns your personal writing style.

3. SciSpace Copilot

An AI assistant that annotates articles in real time.

Provides a comprehensive searchable database of over 270 million articles, authors, topics, journals.

4. Wiseone

Ask any questions about an article you read and get answers.

5. Voila AI

Voila is the best AI-powered assistant to boost your online productivity.

  • Improve your writing
  • Create professional emails
  • Create high quality Content
  • Boost your browser

6. UseChatGPT AI

Easily use ChatGPT on any website.

7. Casper

A Chrome extension that summarises research articles in your browser. 

By summarising long articles for you, it prevents you from getting tired and helps you brainstorm more easily.

8. Wordtune

The Wordtune Chrome extension can:

  • Change your typing tone
  • Expand your paragraphs
  • Make your writing more original

9. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT is a great tool, but only if you give it the right commands.

This Chrome extension allows you to

  • Browse
  • Import
  • Shop

All of the world’s most useful ChatGPT prompts are on your device.

10. Scribe

It is a very cool documentation and screenshot tool.

If you like to create visual documentation for yourself or your team, Scribe allows you to do this by simply recording step-by-step instructions online.

11. Perplexity

Perplexity is a search application that can instantly find information on any topic and the sources where the information is cited.