10 Free Apps I Used While Traveling The World

Must-Have Apps For Your Travels

I’m a trip freak and love exploring new places!

Traveling refreshes and satisfies my soul to the core. And I guess this is the case with nearly each one of us.

Who doesn’t love to travel after all? Traveling is always delightful and comforting, and if you want a trip of continuance also it’s important to keep many stresses at bay pertaining to traveling or while you’re on a trip.

Traveling is each about making great recollections and not about managing messes and chaos.

Having some really good tools and apps besides you can really prop in making your trip or the purpose of your traveling a successful bone.

1#Free Wifi Finder

It’s a great app that you can download for free on iOS and Play Store. Being abroad without the internet can be scary. With this app, you can automatically connect to the nearest Wifi network in your range.


An application to help you find the nearest “whatever you are looking for” near you. AroundMe quickly identifies your location and lets you choose the nearest bank, gas station, hospital, hospital, hotel, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, pharmacy, theater, taxi, etc.


More than 800,000 hotels and
Among 20 million rooms, it allows you to find the most suitable options.
Undoubtedly the most used booking system for travel.
It can be called one of the biggest and best travel websites in the world.


If you think hotels are not my style, then you have found exactly the app you are looking for. With Airbnb, you rent a house or a room for a day in the city you are visiting. Airbnb, which has come a long way in rivaling hotels, is also a great alternative to dive into local life.

5#Local Eats

It is a great app for those who want to taste unique flavors prepared by the locals of the city instead of eating universal products known by everyone in city centers or shopping malls.

6#Find my iPhone

It happens that you somehow dropped your phone, stole it or forgot it somewhere. Once your phone is lost, you can see its location from any other iPhone or computer. The app allows you to control it remotely.


Accommodation when you go abroad
It is an application that allows you to stay in the home of hosts who use the application in the same country without charging a fee. In this way, the host not only improves his/her language skills but also exchanges cultures.


With over 500 million reviews and opinions shared by travelers
TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the cheapest flights, best hotels, excellent restaurants, and fun things to do wherever you go.


Without a tour, a guide, or a translation headset, the history of the places we visit will not fully impact our souls. The app is the richest resource at this point. It is the pocket-sized version of Wikipedia.

10#Packing Pro

It is an application that will help you decide what to take with you, especially if it is your first time in your destination. You can prepare your suitcase in a complete way by looking at what people who use the application take in their suitcases for the cities they visit.

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