20 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 50s

For some it’s a time of depression, for others it’s the second spring! 

The age that reminds us that one step beyond the halfway point, the age when the blood begins to flow more calmly, the age when half a century has passed!

The age at which some people become grandparents (and some even find this uncomfortable), while others realize that they have completed most of their lives.

The age when retirement is approaching, when illnesses appear little by little! So many things can be said about the age of 50! But these are not the things I want to say.

Because you already know very well what it means to approach your 50s. Therefore, I will not tell you about the situation you are in.

I will only try to give you some small suggestions on how you should spend this very important period of your life. After all, you have completed most of your life.

You have established your family, raising your children, and maybe you have grandchildren. In short, you have spent your life in hustle and bustle. You have always worked and strived with others in mind.

You have never been the first in your list of priorities. But it is high time you started thinking about yourself. This is why you should read the list below.

If you don’t want to miss life any longer, you must run after it. You already know how to run. You just need to find out what you need to pursue. And you will find them in the items below.

1. Go see your favourite artist or band live. Give yourself the chance to live this unforgettable experience by using all the means at your disposal.

2. Cut off contact with all the people who are hurting you. Don’t waste your precious time on anyone who will affect you negatively from now on.

3. Forgive someone from your past. Try to do this thinking that grudges and hatred hurt you more than the other person. If you cannot forgive, at least try to remain indifferent.

4. Start getting a massage regularly. You deserve it for sure.

5. Go on vacation with your best friends. Even if you’re just going somewhere in the city for the weekend, make sure you have this fun experience.

6. If you have resentment towards someone in your family, forget about it. Stop blaming them for not giving you the life you want. Remember that no one is perfect.

7. Help someone you think is in need. For example, feed a homeless person you see on the street, and try to help someone even in a small way.

8. Read a popular book that everyone is talking about.

9. Take yourself out to dinner. Put on your favourite clothes and eat in a nice restaurant. Enjoy the solitude.

10. Work for a good cause. Become a member of associations, and take an active part in charitable organizations. You have no idea how good it will feel to do something good for the world.

11. Watch your favourite movie one more time.

12. If you have a job you hate, don’t subject yourself to this torture any longer. Write your resignation letter with a smile.

13. Try to learn a new language. I know your ability to learn atrophies with age, but at least try to learn it.

14. Feel the sunset from a place where you like the view. I know it’s a cliché, but watching the sunset will give you a different pleasure every time.

15. Go over a fear that has been with you for a long time. Are you afraid of heights? Try skydiving. Do you have a phobia of water? Dive into the blue depths. Going beyond your fears will give you courage.

16. Send flowers to your mom and dad. Just to tell them you love them!

17. Write a long letter to your spouse and child. Tell them whatever is left inside you. Be sure, it will make you feel good and maybe even help you fix bad family relationships.

18. Plant saplings or grow flowers.

19. Visit the historical sites in your country.

20. Forgive yourself. Stop blaming yourself for your wrong choices or big mistakes. Remember that no one in this world has so much time to feel sorry for the past. Realizing this, sincerely forgive yourself.

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