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50+ Excellent Blog Ideas To Start Earning Online Immediately 

I guarantee that the only obstacle to your success is yourself – Blog Ideas

Before I give you blog ideas, I definitely want to clarify a few things. If you have the desire to start a blog and you believe that you will do it with pleasure, but you are afraid that you will fail, you should get rid of this fear immediately. – Blog Ideas

Yes, there is a blog on almost every blog topic today. But this certainly doesn’t mean that all these blogs produce quality content or that they can’t be competitors.

On the contrary, there are always people who can do one job better than the other. With a certain effort, labour and understanding of quality, I am sure you will be in the “better quality” class.

If your concern is that you will never be one of them, then you are defeating yourself from the very beginning.

I guarantee that the only obstacle to your success is yourself. If you overcome yourself and set out on this path and do this work with labour, love and pleasure, no one can stop you from being successful.

What’s the difference between you and me, successful bloggers? Believe me, if I can do it, so can you. And you can do much better.

After this preliminary promise, if you say that it is very difficult for me to find a blog topic, what are the popular blog topics, what are the most read blog topics, what are the most popular blogs or what can be a blog topic, give me blog ideas

Here are 50+ blog ideas — blog topics;

71 Blog Ideas in List Form — Blog Topic

1- Personal development blog
2- Health & fitness tips for busy people with limited time
3- Language learning blog
4- Blog with advice on travelling on a budget
5- Writing Style & Style
6- Animal rights — animal protection
7- Social dynamics — communication skills
8- Use of technology in small businesses (Pos machines, Google documents, CRM)
9- Behavioral disorders in children & Diseases
10- Bodybuilding with body weight
11- Child Education
12- Marriage secrets
13- Career vs. Money
14- A self-sustaining lifestyle (generating your own electricity, solar energy, producing your own food)
15- Healthy Eating blog
16- Homemade beer, wine, etc.
17- Self-defense training (self-defence martial arts)
18- Urban farming
19- Photography Tips
20- Slimming
21- Vegan diet
22- Organic nutrition
23- Learning Ukulele / Guitar / Piano / Violin
24- Extreme sports
25- The best places to live in the world
26- Car Repair
27- Ecotourism
28- Psychology — Nerve control, stress management, depression, time management, happiness
30- Marketing
31- Book, cinema, theatre reviews
32- Motivation
33- Beauty
34- Fashion
35- Food and Beverage
36- Travel & Travel ( Bkız: Best travel blogs )
37- Technology
38- Game
39- Politics, especially in a country like Turkey
40- Ethics at work (effective communication, workplace politics, dealing with gossip, success)
41- A guide to communicating with women for men
42- A sport you are an expert in
43- Personal blog (See: Best personal blogs)
44- Dog training according to breed
45- Living in Nature & Survival Tips
46- Ghost hunting
47- Computer Games Tactics & Tips
48- Success
49- Sailing boats & Maritime & Life at sea
50- Law
51- Simple & Minimal living tips
52- Windsurfing & Kiteboarding & Diving
53- Fishing Tips
54- Hang gliding & Paragliding
55- How did you start your career and how did you get to your current position?
56- How-to style
57- A way of listing all the content you find useful on a topic
58- iPhone
59- Mobile Applications
60- Word & Excel & Powerpoint Usage
61- Samsung
62- Alternative energy sources
63- Set yourself a goal and write about what you are doing to achieve it
64- Life tips & hacks
65- Professions & What needs to be done to do certain professions and be successful
66- About celebrities & their lives — birthdays — financial status — achievements — productions they starred in etc.
67- Countries & Living conditions & Citizenship & Interesting Facts
68- A niche blog on running/cycling or a specific sport
69- Shopping Guide & How to shop on foreign websites
70- Gluten-free products & recipes (See: Best food blogs)

Blog topics are good, but even if there is a blog topic that lies in my mind, I am not an expert on that subject, and I do not have error muzzle information, if you think, how can I write an authoritative blog on that subject?

When I was at the beginning of this business, I didn’t know everything, I didn’t even know a lot of things. I was only interested in my current blog location. Just interest…

As I said above, that’s the beauty of it. You are improving yourself and at the same time becoming a successful blogger.

First, decide what you want to write your blog about. The technical part, starting a blog, is quite easy.