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6 Secret Life Changing Tips From 6 Successful Millionaires

Some sentences can change our lives in ways we never expected – Life Changing Tips.

These sentences, whether directed for advice or for any other purpose, can be invaluable keys to gaining awareness. Life Changing Tips

In this article, you will encounter some of these game-changing sentences.

It is actually our thoughts that make being successful complicated. Supporting the path to success with simple thoughts can solve this complexity. Sometimes a single sentence can be enough to clarify your goal and push you to where you want to be.

If you are confused about where you want to be and your plans, you may need a reason to make everything simpler. 

This list we’ve compiled for you is full of just those reasons. The following 6 sentences have changed the lives of 6 self-made millionaires. 

Here are the 6 best pieces of advice for millionaires:

1. You will never succeed without me.

The best and at the same time the worst advice I ever received came from my longtime boyfriend and business partner. 

He left me for my secretary and when he broke up with me he told me that I would never succeed without him. I would rather die than prove him right. 

His advice made me more determined in my work and I always worked harder to prove him wrong.”

Barbara Corcoran, the founder of Corcoran Group, and host of Business Unusual, ‘Shark’ of Shark Tank, says that these words she heard from her ex-boyfriend changed her life. Sometimes an insulting statement can turn out to be good advice in reverse.

2. Be an expert at something.

Marla Beck, co-founder and CEO of cosmetics company Bluemercury, says the best advice she ever received was from a professor at her university.

 Explaining where she got the drive to become an expert at what she started, Beck tells her success story as follows:

After receiving this advice from my professor, I applied it to almost everything I do. Personally, my big areas of focus are leadership, entrepreneurship, product innovation and parenting. 

I also founded Bluemercury to become an expert in the beauty space, which required knowledgeable employees to succeed. In 1999, when we first opened the company, we only had part-time employees. 

In fact, during the recession, we had none. We thought, what if we gave our employees a full-time job and training with a variety of opportunities? Some people said it couldn’t be done, but we did it, and we still owe our success today to these improvements.”

3. Would you rather be a 30-year-old Navy SEAL or a 30-year-old CPA?

“When I was 24, I was a CPA and MBA student who wanted to become a Navy SEAL (the name given to soldiers in the US private military). 

I was thinking about how much sense it made to risk everything for a risky career. 

The Navy required a 6-year commitment before I was accepted to become a real SEAL soldier. I shared my concerns with my mentor, who first asked me how old I would be when I finished my training. 

When I answered 30, he asked if I wanted to be a SEAL soldier or a CPA at 30. That question started my long career in the Navy.”

This is how Mark Divine tells the story of starting his career in the Navy, and he is now a former Navy SEAL who has left his successful career behind. 

The conclusion we should draw from this is that no matter how far the distance to the goal may seem, time goes on anyway.

4. All events in your life are neutral until you label them.

‘Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows’, founder of the coaching and consulting company Peloton, senior executive Michael O’Brien says that he overcame the troubled period after his accident with a sentence from his mentor. 

After his fatal bicycle accident, O’Brien poured out his troubles to his mentor and the advice he received led him to his current success. 

O’Brien, who realized that events in life are called good or bad by those who experience them and that there are different perspectives from which to view each event, today provides life coaching to many business leaders.

5. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Johnathan Ruggiero, the founding CEO of the wedding band company Manly Bands, got the best advice of his life from a mentor friend. Ruggiero describes the period when he heard the sentence that changed his life as follows:

“I started my job at Getty Images in my 20s, and that’s when I heard the advice from my friend Dave Adelson. Up until then, I had trouble sharing work when I was working, and so I was dealing with a lot of the backlog myself. I didn’t enjoy it, but I doubted that anyone else could do it as well as I could. 

Dave told me that I couldn’t do everything on my own for long and that if I wanted long-term success, I needed to share my work with trusted partners. That’s how I started my own company and that’s how I became successful.”

6. Do your best in everything you do. The outcome is not your responsibility.

Matt Clark, the founding president of Amazing.com, says that the advice he received from the founder of the entrepreneurship department at his university led him to great success. 

The entrepreneur learned to focus only on what he could do, to see success and defeat as experiences and to move on, and today he helps people improve the businesses they have built with the site he founded.