7 Brilliant Tips to Show Your Power In The Business Meeting

Business Meetings Solved and Hacked

Meetings are one of the indispensable values of business life. Discussing forward-looking plans, evaluating what has been done in the past and allowing employees to share together, meetings are as important as a lifeline in business life. 

In order to fulfill this great task attributed to meetings, they must be successful and productive. Meetings that do not reach sufficient efficiency and where there is no gain for the leader or the employees are generally considered unsuccessful.

1- Do You Really Need to Have a Meeting?

A meeting is a meeting held because of issues that need to be discussed face to face. If we look at the issue from this point of view, it is not a meeting to gather so many people or a few people together for a small issue and take their time. 

Also, for leaders to have a meeting on the smallest of issues, the meeting loses its meaning and becomes an ordeal. If your meeting topic is really important and can’t be handled in a way as simple as sending an e-mail, have a meeting.

2- Have an Agenda in Your Meetings!

Share with your employees what you will talk about in meetings. Telling your employees what you will talk about will enable more brainstorming and a better understanding of the topics.

3- Determine Your Time in Meetings!

Having a set time for meetings means that there is time allocated for each issue. 

As the issues to be discussed and decided are processed within this time frame, employees can plan their days according to the meeting instead of being afraid of the meeting that is left open-ended and unknown when it will end. 

Especially when you start to go out of working hours, your employees’ interest in the meeting will also decrease.

4- Having Leaders in the Meeting is a Privilege!

One of the situations that increase the quality of the meetings is that the meeting is held by the managers who have the authority, not by the relevant people who help the leader. 

The meeting of the leaders is more important in the eyes of the employees as more important issues will be discussed and communication will be established with someone in authority.

5- Arrange the Meeting Place Well!

It is very important that the place to meet is chosen correctly and is suitable for the meeting. 

Holding a meeting in a distracted environment will be a very difficult task and will not be productive. However, changing the venue and choosing calm environments will make the meeting attractive.

6- Give Employees a Voice in the Meeting!

Not giving employees a say in a meeting that will last for hours or not taking their ideas into consideration will cause the meeting to proceed one-sidedly. 

One-sided meetings will be considered as a meeting with low productivity for employees.

7- At the Beginning and End of the Meeting…

At the beginning of the meeting, you can greet your employees with a friendly address and ask them how they are doing. 

At the end of the meeting, you can end your successful meeting with a thank you and a warm smile.

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