Are You Ready For Global Hunger in 2030 ?

We need to take this issue seriously and start taking action now – Hunger

The Bank of England recently warned of a famine of apocalyptic proportions. It is predicted that food prices will rise to unprecedented levels and a worldwide hunger catastrophe will begin. Hunger

The Covid-19 pandemic and climate change have already disrupted both the supply chain and crop planting, and food prices have been rising steadily since 2020. The wealth of the world’s food and energy billionaires has increased by $453 billion compared to two years ago…

With the Russian-Ukrainian war, the situation for ordinary people is becoming a relentlessly downward graph. The apocalypse is not coming quietly, but with the terrible rumble of deep cracks in the ground, stretching into infinity, and the cries of tens of millions of starving people.

With the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, shock waves have hit even countries thousands of kilometres away from the front lines.

Sri Lanka, for example, already suffering from food shortages, has been thrown into chaos by the rise in energy prices, power cuts, and gasoline and medicine shortages.

Lebanon is bankrupt, and its already fragile social and political environment is now even worse. In Peru, there were violent protests in which the army intervened.

Russian state media blames the West for the worldwide food crisis, and the West blames Russia for blockading Ukrainian ports.

As tensions escalate, all countries are increasingly cautiously imposing restrictions on food exports and imports. This is triggering an escalating crisis in a world already highly interdependent due to globalization.

Antonio Guterres recently stated that the supply crisis caused by the war in Ukraine has pushed millions of people to the brink of starvation. A mass starvation and famine catastrophe that could last for years across the globe is on the brink.

The World Food Program says 49 million people worldwide are critically hungry, while some 811 million people go to bed hungry every night.

In Africa’s Sahel region, for example, the number of people driven to hunger is ten times higher than before the Covid-19 pandemic. This is only a small part of the world, but as we have said before, the world is now much more interconnected than ever before.

What happens in one region can affect not only that region but the whole world in a kind of butterfly effect.

And when you consider that Ukraine and Russia account for about 30% of global wheat exports and that these two countries are now locked in a bloody war with no end in sight, the gravity of the situation can be more clearly understood.

Next year, wheat, corn, barley and sunflower oil prices could reach unimaginable levels. If it turns into a real catastrophe, having plenty of money will not save you, because you may not be able to find anything to buy on the market.

Ukraine’s wheat production is likely to fall by 35% this year, and exports are next to impossible because of Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea.

In March 2022, global commodity prices reached an all-time high, as recorded by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Prices remain at record highs. The food supply and employment chain, rendered fragile by the Covid-19 pandemic, has been further frayed by the Ukraine War.

There are other factors contributing to the situation. Climate change, the rising price of agricultural products such as fertilizers, and political instability around the world.

According to UN estimates, 60% of starving people live in conflict zones. The Syrian Civil War is a stark reminder of what armed conflict and political unrest can lead to.

Syria was once a prosperous country, but the drought that ravaged the country during the 2000s, the unemployed population that swelled in the big cities, and the decade-long civil war that erupted afterwards have left this land of many cultural heritages in ruins.

These and similar situations are triggering the food crisis day by day.

If we as individuals and of course countries do not take measures against this potential crisis, we as humanity will face huge problems in the next 10 years.

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