Artificial Intelligence Taking Over These Works Soon

New Jobs Will Emerge – Artificial Intelligence

According to one scenario, it is estimated that 2 billion people will be unemployed due to automation(Artificial Intelligence)

He says that manual mechanics and workers in occupations that cannot be mechanized or would be too costly to mechanize will not be automated.

As an example of these; It could be a plumber or a painter.

Artificial intelligence will be able to do the work of nurses or lawyers, but humans will still do the work such as making decisions, solving dilemmas, creating, dreaming, strategy and bargaining.

However, as in previous industrial revolutions, new jobs will emerge.


It is easier to predict the disappearance of jobs in the future than it is to predict new jobs that will emerge.

However, if we can see artificial intelligence as a tool that predicts the future, as stated in an article published on the website of the World Economic Forum, it will be easier to predict the effects of technology in the business world.

The two most important principles in the same article that are useful to keep in mind in order to predict the future of the business world are listed as follows;


While technology takes over people’s responsibilities and leaves them unemployed, it also creates new job opportunities.

Of course, it is not easy for the unemployed to switch to these new professions. This creates confusion.

For this reason, it is very important for people who are likely to leave their profession to artificial intelligence in the future, both in their own fields and in general, to follow new technology, to acquire new competencies and update existing ones.


According to recent studies, artificial intelligence in many professions will not take all the work done by people.

Robots will take on routine tasks that are repetitive every day.

People, on the other hand, will take responsibility for tasks that require creativity, create solutions, or require complex communication.

Therefore, learning to use artificial intelligence instead of fearing it can increase the productivity of employees.

Most risky works against Artificial Intelligence
– Insurance
– Real Estate Brokers
– Credit Analysts
– Postal Service Employees
– Laboratory Technicians
– Accountants
– Auditors
– Office Staff
– Call Center Employees
– Social Media Experts

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