Secrets of Body – You Can’t Believe That

The human body is a universe with many mysteries still unsolved.(Secrets of Body)

1. Anatomical Snuffbox (Secrets of Body)

If you stretch your thumb a little, you’ll see a small triangular dimple at the root.

This is what health professionals call the snuffbox.

This is because people used to smell tobacco in the past.

This is the place where the forearm vein is always beating, even if your heart rate is slow.

The artery here is protected only by the skin and connective tissue.

2. Big Toe

We all know where it is. But most of us are unaware that one of the most important functions in our body is given to this part.

We can stand in balance thanks to the unique shape of our toes.

This is one of the main differences between humans and other mammals.

3. Glabella

I bet you haven’t even thought about whether the little patch of skin between your eyebrows has a name.

This is an important part of your body that allows you to easily control your reflexes at any time.

Tap between your eyebrows with your finger a few times, if your reflexes are good, you will feel a slight tension in your eyes and you will want to blink.

4. Tongue Tie

This small fold under our tongue has an important function.

It is to fix the tongue in the mouth and make you yawn less.

This feature prevents glopsoptosis, that is, spontaneous swallowing of the tongue.

It is especially vital for babies who cannot control their newborn bodies.

5. Tragus and Antitragus

These small bumps, located next to our ear hole, take their name from the Latin word for goat.

Tragus enhances the sounds coming from behind, allowing us to hear the sounds better and find their source.

The grooves in the auricle in the opposite direction do the same for sounds coming from the front.

6. Tonsils

Many people have had routine surgery to have their tonsils removed as a child.

This causes the illusion that the tonsil is useless, just like appendicitis.

In other words, you can think of it as an immature and unnecessary organ.

But, this is not true. Because tonsils are the first barrier that hides lymphocytes and protects us from bacteria and viruses.

Even if they are inflamed and removed, the body still has other protection mechanisms. But tonsils are more reliable.

7. Nail Cuticles

Anyone who has had a manicure at least once in their life knows the meaning of the word cuticle.

The cuticle is the thick piece of skin on the side of the nail and finger.

People often cut cuticles to make their hands look good.

But this is very risky. cuticles have a very important function.

They protect our hands from harmful bacteria that are abundant around us.

A bacterium can enter your body through small cuts that occur when cutting the fuselage. Also, washing your hands does not prevent this from happening.

8. Philtrum

Have you ever wondered why there is a groove between our nose and upper lip?

It’s called philtrum and there’s a reason it’s there.

Many experts think that the philtrum developed in humans in prehistoric times and played an odour-enhancing role.

Even if modern humans don’t need such a good sense of smell, the philtrum is still there to remind us of our roots.

Also, doctors can understand the health status of an unborn baby by looking here while in the womb.

A malformed philtrum can sometimes be a sign of autism or other conditions.

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