Best Free 10 YouTube Channel to Improve Your English

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To improve our English, we need not only to talk to native speakers, but also to surround yourself with English. An effective solution for this is, of course, watching English videos. 

I have compiled the channels I follow on YouTube to improve our English. You can watch the videos on these channels with or without English subtitles.

1. The School of Life

On this channel, you can find videos about questions that people are curious about, as well as short videos with an average duration of 5–6 minutes on many subjects such as history, literature, philosophy.

2. Vox

Vox allows you to closely follow news from around the world, with videos lasting 10–15 minutes on average.

3. Be Inspired

This channel will help you improve your English and increase your motivation because the theme of the channel is motivation in general. With playlists such as morning motivation, exercise motivation, life lessons, you can find videos of any length on this channel.

4. FTD Facts

This channel provides information about different countries, and you can also learn about religions around the world.

5. Travel and Geography

As the name suggests, Camilla, the owner of the channel, travels to different places and gives information about the geography of the countries she examines with Google Earth. She then comments on these places by walking around any street she randomly clicks on in that country.

6. Nathaniel Drew

You should definitely check out Nathaniel’s channel, where he shares videos about conscious living, traveling, language learning, self-discovery and his longest video is 20 minutes long.

7. Practical Engineering

The aim of this channel is to raise interest in the field of engineering. Grady Hillhouse, a civil engineer, makes videos in civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

8. What I’ve Learned

This channel is dominated by videos on health in general, with videos on sleep, eating patterns and some diseases.

9. The B1M

The theme of the channel is building videos. There are many videos about skyscrapers, airports, stadiums, buildings and bridges, and the average video duration is 7–8 minutes.

10. Better Ideas

On this channel, which has videos about personal development, video durations vary between 5 and 15 minutes.

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