20 Life Lessons I Learned by Age 40

Everyone Should Know Those Lessons

1. Give a firm handshake.

Experience shows that the first 25 seconds are very important when people meet each other for the first time.
The impression you leave in this short period of time will always be in your mind in your next meetings with that person. A firm handshake is a trace that is always remembered on the other side. It will remind you to the other party as a confident and strong person.

2. Look people in the eye

The most important part of visual communication is the eyes. When talking to the other person, at the first greeting or at the moment of saying goodbye, always look them in the eye.
Otherwise, you will be seen as an introverted and passive person.

3. Have good diction

This can be one of the best investments a person can make in themselves. 
Being eloquent and being able to speak in public is a great strengths.
Be sure to improve yourself in these areas.

4. If you are in a fight, hit first and hit hard

I have never felt the need to fight at this level in my life, but I have observed something important. If one day you unintentionally find yourself in a fight. If you don’t hit first, you may be more upset by the consequences.

5. Keep secrets

Being able to keep a secret is a great virtue. This is what the person who confides in you expects from you. Otherwise, he would not have confided in you. Keep secrets out of respect for the other person, if not for yourself.

6. Don’t give up on anyone completely. Miracles happen every day

People can become resentful and resent each other in a moment of anger.
After a while, the events can be forgotten and old friendships can be made again. So never give up on anyone completely and don’t bring things to this point.

7. Always accept the hand extended to you

It is a virtue to take an outstretched hand. Always help someone who needs you.
He would not have reached out to you if he did not really need you.

8. Be brave

We live short life, and spending them in fear will always make us unhappy.
Always take risks and be brave. Always take the opportunities that come your way by taking risks.

9. Avoid sarcasm

Sarcasm will always humiliate you in the eyes of the other person.
Always avoid doing this.

10. Never deprive anyone of hope. It may be the only thing they have.

There is a saying I like. “hope is what keeps the believer alive”
If someone’s hope depends on you, never hurt them and always try to support them.

11. When playing games with children, let them win and be happy.

I don’t see the need to explain this because it’s so obvious, let the children win and let them always be happy.

12. Give people a second chance. But don’t give them a third chance.

Only idiots make the same mistake. This is another one of my favourite sayings. So the first mistake can happen unintentionally. So give it another chance, if it repeats, he is either an idiot or he doesn’t care about you.

13. Unwind, and relax. Nothing is as important as it first seems, except life and death.

I have never encountered an unsolvable problem. After a certain period of time, the old problem ends and the new one begins. If you can manage this, believe me, you will be happy and successful both in your work and private life.

14. Don’t let your phone interrupt your important moments.

I’ve always seen it. People who watch the concert of their favourite artist from the front row want to immortalize that moment with their phone in their hands.

Be sure that there is already someone who immortalizes and records that moment more professionally than you. Enjoy the moment and remind your memories by watching the professional recordings when necessary.

15. Be a good loser

It takes a strong character to be able to lose and accept it.
It could be a race, it could be a success at work.
The important thing is to examine the reasons why you lost and learn the necessary lessons. 
Be better prepared for the next time.

16. Be a good winner

Don’t exaggerate your joy and don’t offend the other person.
Be humble and keep your joy within limits.
Remember, you may be the loser next time.

17. Think three times before confiding in a friend

Everyone has one or more close friends.
Remember, the friend you confide in may also have a friend with whom they share secrets just like you.

18. When someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go

I have not found a clear and concise way to explain this.
Always hug your loved ones and never let go.

19. Be humble

Success, money, happiness, and beauty can come and go.
Don’t exaggerate your feelings when you have them.
There are many people around you who dream of having what you have.

20. Don’t expect life to be fair

I left the most important for last. Unfortunately, I think the saying that the bad guys always win may be true. Sometimes I think this world is a very hard place for good believers. Unfortunately, in today’s conditions, things like power, money and success are not distributed fairly. If you don’t learn to play the game according to the rules, you are usually the one who gets hurt.

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