Billionaire Daily Routines That Nobody Tell You

Most Successful Habits which provide me success in my life (Billionaire Daily Routines)

We’ve all heard that if you could win the morning, you could win the day. (Billionaire Daily Routines)

One of the ways to do that is to regular rituals and routines.

So you don’t have to think about what you need to do and if you could set up routines and habits, especially early in the day.

You could enjoy this science momentum. Create positive momentum as opposed to being reactive like how a lot of people do.

They pick up their phone, the first thing. They start reacting and driving distraction and reaction. As opposed to spending time with self-care. Self-love has a vision and a direction for your day so let’s get into it!

Now, as I jump into this, again, this is my ideal day so sometimes I can’t do all this but I can do as many as I can.

So the first thing I do when I wake up is I recall my dreams. when you’re dreaming is that you’re actually processing and inter creating and working on.

Solution with your subconscious mind that you’re focusing on during the daytime. But most people forget their dreams. After that, I get out of bed and I make the bed!

And now, this is something that is obvious that most of you do. But if you don’t do it, take two minutes and make your bed because that’s a successful habit!

If we’re talking about positive momentum. The science momentum, getting things done. Checking things off, doing it with excellence, then making your bed!

It’s worth one or two minutes. Because, how you do anything. It’s how you do everything. Have a good checkmark on something like doing your bed. It is very powerful because it teaches you to be able to do something.

Well as they do in the military and the other benefit is when you come back at the end of the day, you come back to success!

You come back to your bed already made!

After that, What I’ll do is I’ll go into the kitchen and I’ll have a tall glass of water.

Because We use a lot of water and most of us are very dehydrated at night. I’ll take my supplements there. I take my probiotics, which is the big one because your gut is your second brain.

Being your brain in your head, you also have an incredible amount of nerve cells in your gut. And I want to make sure that it feeds and is healthy, so I take my probiotics. Then What I do is do my breathing. I’m thinking about the things I’m focusing on here. I’m thinking about hydration.

Whatever your breathing technique is, I focus on breathing.

So whether it’s box breathing or alpha breathing. Whether It’s Wim Hof’s method, I do a breathing technique. Because I want to oxygenate my body, and my brain which is part of my body also.

And we can do another article dedicated to that. I do my meditation in the morning. Also later in the afternoon or evening, sometimes before I go to bed, I always do an early morning meditation. I do it for about twenty minutes. Mindfulness is so important. So I want to have a clear mind as I enter the day and so meditation puts me in that space.

15, 20 minutes, and some of you use headspace app and some of you use the muse device or some kind of technology. I meditate then from there I do 1 or 2 minutes of movement and this could be different.

It could be calisthenics. It could be burpees.

But I want to get into my body after I meditate and so I move it. my body, pretty for a couple of minutes, and If I’m in a Hotel Room, I’m doing jumping jacks.

But I’m doing crunches, for two minutes straight. I’m waking up my body that is not my exercise for the day. It’s for me to get my heart rate beating and getting some movement in my body. From there, I take a shower and It’s a cold shower and I do believe in cold therapy. It works for me, It helps me to reset my nervous system. When I get out, I go through my normal routine of trimming or shaving and I brush my teeth and all that stuff. Then I make tea and my favorite tea is like brain tea. It’s a combination of black and white tea.

After That, I make filter coffee or V60 and fulfill Contigo 600ml Mug to drink all part by part until lunchtime.

I’m going to my “To Do” list. We all have ongoing, most of us have an ongoing to-do list of things that we need to get done.

For me, The big thing is I want to be able to do, as a total win, three things for work and three things.

They don’t have to be all Epic, big things.

But If I could get three of my work goals done on my To-Do list and three of my personal things to do, then It’s been a great day. It’s like your “Champagne moment” when you’re looking back at the end of the day.

Saying “Yes”, Today was a great day!. “Today I crushed it”, “Today I won!”

and Also to my To-Do list, I also have a list, Ato Feel List because.

Are our state and emotions, and I don’t want it to be where I happen to feel a certain way by accident, but by design!

It’s the metaphor I always talk about, the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat.

A thermometer reacts to the envıronment and like if sometimes I act like a thermometer. I’m going to react to everything.

That’s going on in my world. Have some good, positive states, where I set in advance a standard, a goal for my to-feel list, and certain feelings. I want to feel throughout the day, so I can design it that way, to feel love, to feel curious, to feel a connection, gratitude. I also have, besides a to-do list and a to feel list.

I also look at my to-be list. Like who do I want to be today? and Do I want to be a good partner? Do I want to be a good friend? Do I want to be a good father? A good leader, A good Coach ? and more questions.

Into what I want to be that day! Because It’s not about. We’re not…

It’s kind of a cliche, but there’s a truth to it. We’re not human doings, we’re human beings!

So What do I want to be today?

From there, If I have time, I’ll make time. For the things that are most important, I read.

At the end of the day, While I drink some kind of herbal tea, I read for about 50–60 minutes a day before going to bed.

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