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ChatGPT Is A Free Career Coach and Here Are The Top 7 Prompts To Get Hired Fast:

But 99% of people don’t know the best prompts.

Table of Contents

  ∘ 1. Understand the job description
  ∘ 2. Audit your skillset
  ∘ 3. Create your narrative to stand out
  ∘ 4. Make your CV stand out
  ∘ 5. Update LinkedIn headline to get noticed by recruiters
  ∘ 6. Anticipate interview questions
  ∘ 7. Prepare for the interview
  ∘ Conclusion

1. Understand the job description


“Act as a professional career coach, give me the top 5 skills required for the following job, and explain why? Here is the job description: [paste the job spec].”

Asking why will give you insights into what makes a successful candidate.

2. Audit your skillset


“Tell me 10 questions to help me gather my most relevant experience for this job. I will paste my CV for the job title [Enterprise Sales] and the job spec now: CV [paste CV] and job spec [paste job spec]” 

Now use this information to tailor your CV for the job.

3. Create your narrative to stand out


“Highlight 3 skills and create a bullet point list from my CV based on the top 3 skills required to be successful in the job spec I will share now. Here is my CV [paste CV] and here is the job spec [paste job spec].”

Add this on top of your CV to immediately stand out.

Your narrative, backed by achievements, will make you unique.

4. Make your CV stand out


“I’ll send you a resume along with a job description.
Can you please optimize my resume in the most appropriate way for this job?”


“Write resume bullet points for [insert job title here] and include metric-based achievements.”

Example of good bullet point: 

Upskilled me in new CRM technology and improved process to save 30% time by mapping Al reporting structure in CRM.

5. Update LinkedIn headline to get noticed by recruiters


“Write the Linkedin headline based on my target role [Enterprise Account Executive] and example job spec [paste job spec] Use this structure [Role Keyword] [Skills] [Result].


Enterprise sales | MEDDIC Sales methodology | Using outbound strategies to bring £2m+ new business annually

6. Anticipate interview questions


“Summarise 10 most likely questions and categorize them into motivational, behavioral, and technical questions for the interview. Here is the job spec [paste job spec].”

Compare it with previous interviews and see how it stacks up.

7. Prepare for the interview

Follow up — now you can ask to give some inspiration for those 10 questions.


“Thank you. Can you please give me sample answers with the structure to prepare for the interview? “

Use it as inspiration to create and practice your answers.


Use ChatGPT to get ideas and structure — 80% of your work — then add your personal touch to tailor it — 20% of your work.


Al is there to make you work fast, but if you choose to replace it and don’t even put in 20% effort, you will damage your cognitive skills (your ability to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention).

Use ChatGPT and this process to learn and make sure you really want the job.

Don’t settle for average. Go get your dream job to create your rich life.