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The Simpsons’ Predictions For 2024 That Will Shock You

The Simpsons series, which frequently came to the agenda with its predictions of the future

It turned out that the 30-year-old series that even predicted Trump supporters to storm the Congress building in the USA was another mind-blowing prediction.(The Simpsons)

As fans of The Simpsons know, the animated series has an uncanny ability to predict the future, from the presidency of Donald Trump to the Covid pandemic, from the tragedy of 9/11 to the US Congressional crackdown.

The world-famous cult cartoon series The Simpsons continue to shake the world with its predictions and predictions.

Fans are eager to identify when the legendary animated series The Simpsons predict the future, but the producers are content to downplay these claims.

Here are the predictions for the year 2024 of the cartoon series, which has many prophecies so far…


The Simpsons had managed to travel to the future in 2030 when Homer and Marge indulged in some “virtual nap” with the help of virtual reality glasses and feeding tubes.

Food scientists at Cornell University have discovered that cheese tastes better when consumed in a relaxing virtual reality environment.

Royal Caribbean, on the other hand, is trying to develop technology to give its guests a Virtual Reality dining experience on their cruises.


Dreaming of going to Mars, Lisa signs up for a one-way trip to the Red Planet, despite her mother Marge’s displeasure.

This causes the entire family to simultaneously sign up for the trip that should take place in 2026.

Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX are working to develop cargo ships to Mars in 2024.


The Simpsons has often pointed out that Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, ran for President before or after her father took office.

In real life, Ivanka Trump has the qualifications to be President, and it’s no surprise that she’s running.


The Simpson family visited an amusement park with robots in every vehicle.

Eventually, the robots lost control and killed most of the people around them. Jürgen Schmidhuber, popularly known as the “father of Artificial Intelligence”, predicts that robots can easily take over the world in a few decades.


In an episode that aired in 2001, Bart and his friends are part of a group that is a Navy project to try to control the minds through music by feeding children with subliminal messages.

Since many people still believe that hip-hop music is used to control the minds of listeners, this development can be considered on a list of predictions that have already come true.


Now viewers are convinced that something even more shocking is foreseen.

Metaverse: A world of endless, interconnected virtual communities where people can meet, work and play using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps or other devices.

The project began last year with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, now known as Meta.

And now, The Simpsons is said to have predicted this more than 10 years ago.

Season 23 Episode, Holidays of Future Passed, which first aired in 2011, sees the Lisa Simpsons enter the ‘ultra net’. It is told that people interact in an immersive online world in scenes that are very similar to the virtual reality world.

While it’s hard to say that he predicted every detail of the Metaverse, it’s no different from the world hinted at by Mark Zuckerberg last year.