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What Types Of Leaders Are Companies Looking For?

Are You Good Enough To Work As A Leader? (Types Of Leaders)

Does Leadership born as genetic or become later?

It is not easy to find a satisfactory answer to this question as old as history.(Types Of Leaders)

The changing characteristics of leadership over time make it difficult to answer this question.

Today, real leaders are needed not only in the political field and business life but also in all kinds of institutions, including non-governmental organizations and sports clubs.

Since strong criteria are not determined, leadership training either remains in words or the training given has descriptive features and cannot achieve its purpose.

The determination to struggle, vision and ideals of true leadership have been a source of inspiration and mobilized the masses in every period of history.

Know Your Business

“Knowing your job” is not just about reading a lot and “collecting data”.

The knowledge gained by reading is only useful for answering questions and “selling reason” when asked.

It is not possible to learn to ride a bike or play the guitar by reading books.

Our ancestors succinctly expressed this situation by saying, “Do not sting, the mind goes forty steps”.

Being a Man/Woman

“Being a man/woman” means having a strong personality and value system regardless of gender, not making any concessions under pressure, honesty and honesty, in other words, being one and the same.

The most important emotion that a leader should protect himself/herself from is “arrogance”.

It is not difficult for every person who stays alone and thinks for a while to feel that he is “a speck in the ocean”.

But the power of power and self-importance breeds a sense of arrogance that has led many leaders to cut their branches.

Maybe, The reason why arrogance is counted among the greatest sins in every religion is that it has devastating consequences for both oneself and those around him.

Protecting Your Team

“Protecting your team” is about “fidelity”.

Those in power tend to see loyalty as a one-way street and expect it only from those around them.

Many managers value the people they work with to the extent that they meet their own needs.


“Listening” is the most common deficiency in leaders.

In general, leaders tend to tell more than to understand, and to talk more than to listen.

They think that they know what they want to be told.

Because their time is very short, they immediately take the floor and choose the way to share their superior ideas with the people around them.

Listening well allows you to understand not only what people say, but also what they don’t say.

It not only makes it possible to understand the other party but also reveals what to do and what to say.

Decision and Determination

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is that he can make the closest decision under pressure with little information.

Postponing decisions and needing more information turns the decision from being a decision into a reaction to the situation that has occurred.

It brings to mind the saying among the people that “after the car is overturned, there are many who show the way”.