Why We Get Cold When We Have a Fever?

Many people have wondered why we get cold when we Have a Fever.

One of the most common situations we encounter when we are unprotected against diseases is high fever.

When the body temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, the ambient heat starts to feel cold to us and we feel cold. The body also loses heat rapidly through sweating.

Fever is one of the protection mechanisms of our body. The normal temperature of the human body is 36 degrees, and during times of illness, this situation rises up to 6 degrees.

When our fever rises, it is urgently necessary to lower the body temperature, which causes the protein that the body needs to decrease.

High fever is like an emergency exit door that activates the body’s protection mechanism against diseases. The microbes in the body during this disease can be expelled from the body in a short time with the acceleration of blood flow and breathing.

When the body is too weak, a high fever activates all organs like a saviour. As the disease increases, the fever rises and can lead to the risk of convulsions. Let’s come to the main question;

Why do we feel cold when we have a fever?

We searched for an answer to this question, here is the answer… It is a symptom that occurs when the body temperature goes out of normal and reaches abnormality.

It has been observed that almost everyone has a fever due to a throat infection, cough or cold.

Fever is usually caused by bacterial and viral infections. However, it has also been observed that fever can be caused by a wound anywhere in the body, i.e. an inflamed area.

The hypothalamus, a region of the brain that automatically regulates most of our body’s functions, keeps body temperature within a certain limit. Because of the temperature of the body, blood is drawn to the skin and heat is lost through sweating.

If the temperature drops, muscles in the body produce heat by burning glucose. The increase in muscle heat output often goes unnoticed. But when the cold increases, the muscles try to give more heat and the person begins to shiver.

Now you know the reason for shivering in the cold. A normal body temperature of 36 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius is an average value.

The normal temperature of healthy people varies between 36.6 degrees and 37.2 degrees.

The body temperature increases throughout the day, starting at 4 am in the morning and reaching its highest value at 6 pm in the evening. The difference between these two values can reach 1 degree.

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