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3 True Horror Stories That Will Make You Sleepless When You Read It

The stories you watch in horror movies are sometimes fictional and sometimes real (Horror Stories)

However, the stories you are about to read are completely learned from my friends when I was young. (Horror Stories)

If you enjoy watching horror movies and telling each other horror stories when you’re with friends or alone, these stories are for you! All the horror stories that will give you goosebumps when you read them are real.

Let’s see if you can continue to sit comfortably at home when you read these stories.

1. Horrible Harassment

In this story, there is a young boy whose name is Mehmet. 

Mehmet is my childhood friend and the son of our next-door neighbour.

When Mehmet was younger, he was delivering newspapers to a woman named Ayse.

She was very old and Mehmet was delivering the newspaper and putting it in front of her.

Mehmet came in one day and Ayse was sleeping on the bed, so Mehmet went in and put the newspaper on the table and left the house.

The next day, Ayse was asleep again, and the newspaper was still unopened. But the day after, Ayse was awake and hugged Mehmet, saying she was very happy.

But the next day that followed, there were cars in front of her house.
Apparently, Ayse died in her bed 3–4 days ago.

Somehow Mehmet talked to Ayse and actually hugged Mehmet while she was dead!

This is the story from my friend and we were not sure about this story is true or a lie.

2. Vending Machine Ghost

“I used to work in a port when I was at university and I was on night shifts most of the time.

I went to the vending machine for a snack around 3 in the morning.

Next to the vending machine was a glass door facing the cafeteria.

I clearly saw someone enter the door.

When I saw someone in the cafeteria, I remembered that there were sensor lights that were turned on, but these lights did not turn on, it was still dark inside.

I went to take a closer look and saw people walking inside walking directly into a wall.

I immediately ran out of there.

I don’t remember ever running this fast in my life.

3. The Crib Story

“According to a story told by a friend’s mother, her little son was whining a lot one night when he was a baby, and that’s why his mother went to check on his crib.

After coming to her room a few times, her mother was quite tired.

When the baby started crying again, her mother got up to come into the room again, but at that moment she heard other footsteps and went crazy because her mother was alone there.

When the footsteps stopped, her mother heard the swaying of the cradle and the voice of an old woman.

This voice was trying to talk to him and calm him down.

Pretty odd!