Important Question: Does She/He Really Love You?

Those easy signals can help you to understand if someone – Really Love You

Really Love You – Probably none of us mistook the friendly behaviour for flirting at some point.(Love You)

So the job of being single and finding out who wants to hang out with can turn into a minefield.

And when you start dating someone, nothing gets easier.

For you, the first few dates may have been great, but before you know it, the other person may say that they are not really interested in you.

So even in the early stages of dating, things can still be very tricky.

I searched for the best relationship experts and psychologists about how you can tell if someone is really interested in you.

1- They roll up their sleeves

It may be hard to believe. But relationship coach and psychologist Jo Hemmings explains that rolling up on a date can be a subtle sign of interest. Especially among women.

She says that “pulling the sleeves of a dress up or wearing clothes that leave the ankles open where the skin is the softest is often an expression of subconscious attraction,” she adds, adding that it signals our vulnerability to someone.

2- You talk about ordinary things

They will find an excuse to text you, says psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree of dating agency The Vida Consultancy.

She adds that the messages may be awkward or empty (like “I just got back from the park” or “It’s been a busy day”), but it bodes well and shows she would love to talk to you about anything.

3- They remember what you said

Hemmings says that if someone wants to meet you, they will remember your previous conversations.

Whether it’s a small detail about the new coffee maker in the business or the location of your sister’s birthday party, people want to know more if they like you.

4- Messages often end with a question

If they end their messages to you with a question, no matter how uninspired (like “What did you have for lunch today?”), it’s a strong sign that they want to stay in touch with you.

“It’s a desire to get you to talk to him,” says Mason.

“People want to maintain a sense of connection by keeping the conversation going,” she adds.

5- They change their body language to be closer to you

Showing interest in body language is much more than maintaining eye contact (an often accepted sign of interest).

Other gestures include bending over, crossing their legs, or standing with their bodies facing you, Hemmings says. “It shows that someone likes your presence,” adds Hemmings.

6- They try to impress you

Are they inviting you to flamboyant bars, a popular photography exhibition or a hit game?

Mason says it’s not for show, they just want to impress you.

“This type of behaviour can be hard to spot because you don’t know the general state of people,” he adds.

But if they want to have fun with you and plan things to do together, it’s a clear statement that they want to win your love.

7- After the appointment, you know when to see you again

If you’ve had a good date if conversations are flowing and sparks are flying, you’ll be a source of excitement for people, Mason says.

“When they spend time with you, their ‘happiness hormone’ levels, their dopamine, increase.

People want more of that,” he explains.

This is why right after you break up with someone you know when you will see them again; You will definitely keep it on your agenda.

8- They can contact you at any time of the day

“Messaging is often done for pragmatic reasons, or it can sometimes be out of habit or necessity,” says Hemmings.

When someone is casually texting you, rather than planning or getting information about something, it shows that they are taking time to think about you.

9- They tell you how they feel

This may seem like an announcement of the known.

But Mason points out that some people really stand up and say they like you.

“To say this openly is to ensure a long-lasting and special relationship with you,” the psychologist adds.

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